Toyota GR86 meets its Initial D and MF Ghost predecessors in new ad

Toyota has teamed up with the creator of Initial D and MF Ghost again in a new ad. The spot features the new GR86, the old 86, and the really old AE86 on a late night touge run while a eurobeat soundtrack blares in the background. The release of this commercial is timed to coincide with the recent launch of the MF Ghost anime series and even features a foreword by author Shuichi Shigeno.

“A car that is fun to drive contains the passion of people who make the cars. Please share such passion with as many as possible. My desire to do so is at the heart of my manga,” it reads. We get zoom-in closeups of Takumi Fujiwara’s water cup in the Initial D AE86, as well as Kanata Livington at the helm of the red ZN6. To our knowledge the timeline of the two stories would have not allowed the two of them to race together, especially with Takumi undergoing “training” with his water. It’s probably why you never actually see Takumi’s face.

Nevertheless, the ad is something that will definitely get the fans excited. It’s also just one of many recent GR86 (and BRZ) ads that has evoked one of the most popular anime of all time.

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