Suzuki Jimny Heritage Edition gets retro with decal stripes

Those lucky Australians. Not only do they get the Suzuki Jimny, an off-roader we will have to wait until 2043 to enjoy, but now they get this sharp new Heritage Edition variant. It is only available in a 5-speed manual and is festooned with excellent throwback stripes that hearken back to actual Jimny stripes circa 1985.

There have been many decal packages on available on the Jimny over the years, but the Aussie Heritage Edition’s stripes are a dead ringer for the ones seen on this Jimny 1300 GDL on goo-net, but the same pattern came in other colors too. The same stripe pattern has also been recreated for the new Jimny by the Japanese tuning company Outclass.

The Australian Jimny Heritage Edition also comes with red mudflaps and is only available with four colors: White, Jungle Green, Medium Grey and Bluish Black Pearl. Only 300 will be built, so if you live Down Undah you can get in the queue at Suzuki Australia’s website. Back in 2020 Suzuki Japan offered some retro decal packages as well, but this particular pattern wasn’t part of the selection.

There are many reasons to dig the Jimny. If its ladder-frame, true low range, transfer case, and solid axles front and rear aren’t tempting enough, maybe these retro graphics will convince you. Hopefully one will find its way to the Suzuki Jimny museum.

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  1. I’m not jealous at all. Promise!

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