You can get the old Suzuki Jimny’s graphics on a new Suzuki Jimny

Not only is the Suzuki Jimny is one of the hottest new cars you can buy in Japan right  now, but it’s one that’s ripe for modification. From functional off-road equipment to appearance packages, there’s tons of options available in the aftermarket. As it happens, Suzuki offers some of their own accessories, including two packages that make your brand new Jimny look like its predecessor from the 80s and 90s.

Both were inspired by the JA11 Jimny, built from February 1990 to November 1995. The first one is called Heritage Style, and comes with a decal stripe package costing ¥2,480 with installation ($230 USD). It can be paired with a similar pattern for the spare tire cover (¥8,030, $75 USD), color-matched mudflaps (¥14,575, $135 USD), and 16-inch 5-spoke steelies that resemble the wheels on the JA11 (¥18,590, $173 USD).

Suzuki calls the second one Revival Style, and it’s pure Radwood fodder. A multi-colored gradient brush stroke decal (¥24,090, $224 USD) is the central theme, and is repeated on the spare tire cover (¥8,030, $75 USD). For those hoping for the old school Jimny logo with the elongated J, that can be had as a fender emblem for ¥4,950 ($46 USD).

While Suzuki isn’t going all-out with a classic panoramic roof or removable canvas top, these accessories still offer some neat ways to bring in some heritage cues to one of the coolest off-roaders on sale today. Plus, if you pull up in one to the Suzuki Jimny museum, it’s certain to get a nod of approval.



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4 Responses to You can get the old Suzuki Jimny’s graphics on a new Suzuki Jimny

  1. SIMON GUILLET says:

    Great off-roading and hunting vehicle for us seniors as well. Four-wheeling in comfort. Will we be able to buy one in Canada or the USA?

  2. Brady says:

    When and I repeat when will this version of the Samurai come to the American market.

  3. 3panji says:

    I like old jimny

  4. Cold Black Coffee says:

    Getting this new Jimny to meet U.S. emissions and safety standards almost certainly wouldn’t be something Suzuki would want to invest in. A shame, as it’s one of very, very few currently produced vehicles I’d want. The only solution is to wait 25 years for them to be exempt from the aforementioned standards.

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