Purple Hakosuka is your maximum strength dose of old school Japan

We’ve been on a new car tear, reporting on neo-hachirokus, retro Honda kei cars, and even classic bikes from the Tokyo Motor Show. And that’s left you handcuffed to a bedpost with the shakes, hankering for some old school smack. Well this lavender hako flies in the face of all that modern nonsense, washing away that new car smell like a dunk tank full of industrial-grade bleach. And look, there’s the sublime Celica in the background that we posted on a few weeks back, so let’s once again enumerate the ways this Skyline epitomizes vintage Japan. 

  • giant bubble flares
  • racing mirrors
  • oil cooler hanging off the front end
  • angled rectangular headlight conversion asymmetrically adorned with racing tape and an aero cover with a serif-font decal over it
  • a feminine color that scares gaijin but oozes testosterone in context
  • barrels so deep you could drown a small animal in them
  • and obnoxiously skewed number decals

Bam, your hair is now instantly pompadour’ed. You’re welcome.

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12 Responses to Purple Hakosuka is your maximum strength dose of old school Japan

  1. Nigel says:

    Love them box Skylines.

  2. PowerTryp says:

    Very cool. It’s nice to see this thing in another colour than white.

    Speaking of white, is that car way back there a cosmo? If not what the heck is it?

  3. Dutch 1960 says:

    PowerTryp, that’s a Lotus Europa.

  4. Lincoln Stax says:

    Now this I like.

  5. Jun says:

    I like a clean hako, but when they’re built dirty like this, I’m in love…

  6. danny says:

    The color reminds me of purple kool aid or children’s cough syrup, but this hako is exponentially more delicious..

  7. Brownie says:

    i love the racing-taped headlights 😀

  8. yeng says:

    just keep it simple.

  9. Drive510 says:

    I’m pretty sure that people are really starting to re-consider bosozoku build on such classics nowadays.

    I’m willing to bet that 95% of the bosozoku Skylines were built in bosozoku style way back in the 80’s and simply well kept.

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