Production Z35 Nissan 400Z photos leaked

Two sets of images of the production Z35 Nissan Z have leaked. One shows a metallic gray car that evokes the Carbon Silver of the 350Z and Gun Metallic of the 370Z. Another shows what looks like a standard silver but is could also be a pearl white reminiscent of the Z31 Shiro and Z32. Both were posted to the 400ZClub forum, which says the photos were taken at Nissan’s Tochigi plant, but it appears to be a cargo staging area at a air shipment port.

Making an immediate visual impact is the upper grille. Blacked out in the Z Proto, the production Z35 reveals upscale brightwork that reduces the size of the opening. Just as striking is the body-color roof, showcasing the double bubble contours framed by the silver blade which runs along the roofline. The katana-inspired design cue leads the eyes to a new spoiler perched atop the rear deck lid, reminiscent of the 240Z’s.

The interior looks to be largely unchanged from the Z Proto, save for the fact that this model is an AT. Rest assured, Nissan has told us a production manual is definitely coming. We are glad to see the distinct deep cone steering wheel and signature triple pod cluster make it to production.

The pearl white model sports the black roof, which will likely be a factory option. The Z32-esque tail lamps are now accompanied by a cleanly integrated rear side marker, which sits flush with the body. The door handles have evolved into a more pronounced trapezoidal-shape. These, and the fuel door, are exactly as shown on the patent renderings from January. Also noted are the red brake calipers lurking behind the gunmetal split-spoke wheels.

There’s a lack of badging on the rear deck, which the Z Proto had. Front and rear emblems are taped over on these photos, so it’s not clear whether the rear’s backlit logo made it into productions. The C-pillar badges, we hope, will continue to use the retro Z logo derived from the S30’s.

All too many concepts get watered down for production, but the Z35 turns out to be a very faithful translation of the Z Proto. This is a good thing, because we think for a modern sports car the Z35 looks quite striking. If the Z Proto’s 400-horsepower twin-turbo V6 makes it into production, it’ll be one of the most compelling new Nissans on the market in years.

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13 Responses to Production Z35 Nissan 400Z photos leaked

  1. pete240z says:

    Okay – we’re in. Bring out that 6-speed……..

  2. Crown says:

    The car is a LHD, so that narrows down what country’s it will be going to.

  3. BlitzPig says:

    Well, at least it’s not yellow.

    That’s something I guess.

    Am I the only one here that is totally underwhelmed by this car? The front end was obviously designed by a different focus group than the tail end was. I’m sorry, but where is the excitement? The passion? All I see is… meh.

    • XRaider927 says:

      Let’s just say…..Some will disagree with that

    • Damian says:

      I am underwhelmed as well. The styling is totally underdone. Looks like styling via a committee. Another TT engine? Sounds expensive (new) and will be cheap (second hand). I bet it’s just a reskin of the 370Z. Another Nissan nobody will buy. Seriously why does anyone drive a V6 Skyline/Infiniti coupe? cos they are cheap.

    • Azfer says:

      I’m with you. Very underwhelming design.

    • Long Beach Mike says:

      I also spotted a couple of design details in the interior that disappoint. The dash top gauges seem a bit fussy, especially compared with the originals they attempt to echo. And why, oh why, piano black on the steering wheel spokes? So I can look at my own fingerprints every time I look down at that digital primary gauge cluster?

      To me, the exterior is pretty much one big yawn. And are those headlights from a Fiat 128?

  4. Erik V Stolburg says:

    I’m down, might need to stretch a little…..

    Beautiful nose and supple rear!

  5. speedie says:

    I think its a well executed design. The front end is very reminiscent of the original 240Z. They actually managed to incorporate a number of previous model styling cues and still make it look modern and new. Personally I think the design will age much better than the new Supra.

  6. harshith says:

    they have done it

  7. Philglassfan says:

    Lots of haters here. Mostly big mouths who probably have never even owned a Nissan Z car in their life. I used to own a 1991 300ZX 5MT, and currently have a modded 2017 370Z 6MT which is an absolute blast to drive. With a few simple mods and a tune, it was dynoed at 303 whp, which translates to around 362 hp at the crank. The “400Z” if they call it that, will be around 420 hp and easily modded for more. That much power on a revised 370Z chassis will be awesome. With some suspension mods such as upgraded sway bars, you can easily get rid of the stock understeer and the chassis is totally balanced. It’s like a classic Nissan 240SX but with 3 times the power. And these cars are made in Japan and they are super reliable. The updated design is perfect and just what I wanted. Nissan’s budget for this car was $420 million. A total new design from the ground up would be over a billion. This was a total in-house project as well. 100% Nissan.

    • Long Beach Mike says:

      Most comments from the “haters” here are related to the styling, which is subjective.

      This could be a pretty good car but the driving experience remains to be seen. If Nissan does have a winner in terms of performance it may still struggle to move enough units to keep the model alive in a world of SUVs and 400 HP sedans. A lot will depend on price.

      Don’t get me wrong. I would love to see the 400Z set a new benchmark for affordable sports cars. Time will tell.

    • Ryan says:

      Keep in mind, the vr30ddtt in the q50/q60 is rated at 300hp and 400hp, but the 300hp version puts down right at 300hp to the wheels through the auto transmission, while the red sport, which has an additional water pump for the air/water intercooler and the addition of a turbo speed sensor, and ecu tune for a few more PSI puts down about 345 rwhp from the factory through the auto. Either one can make around 425 rwhp with intake, exhaust and a tune. AMS has already been making 800 awhp and 9 second cars for some time with this engine.

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