Infiniti Red Sport twin-turbo V6 confirmed for Nissan Z Proto

What has long been suspected has now been confirmed. The Nissan Z Proto has the VR30DDTT under the hood. Nissan hasn’t popped the hood of the Z concept for press, but a fan was able to snap a few shots of the 400-horsepower, twin-turbo V6 during a display setup at Nissan Crossing in Ginza.

GT-R NISMO owner layersworks was at Nissan Crossing as workers were changing the display at the famous Ginza showroom. These rotations are done after-hours, so up-close photo weren’t possible, but the shots taken through the picture window were good enough to capture some corroborating details.

While the engine cover is different from the one found in the Infiniti Q50 and Q60 400 Red Sport, it’s clear that the three central coolant caps — one on the left side of the car and two on the right — and reservoir shape match exactly with that of the Red Sport’s. A large coolant hose and smaller reservoir overflow hose also have the exact same position and orientation. The Drive has a great side-by-side comparison.

Matched with a manual transmission, this means the next Z might be one hell of a performance bargain. Nissan has confirmed that the next Z will debut later this year, so we will hopefully know more soon.

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3 Responses to Infiniti Red Sport twin-turbo V6 confirmed for Nissan Z Proto

  1. Lee L says:

    400Z featuring a 3.0 Liter. I’m happy they’re using that engine, I just wish they’d call it a 300Z or even better a 300ZX. Even “Nissan Z” would be cool.

  2. Jim Daniels says:

    First, I would like to say I am glad there is still a Z. Some of it not to my liking but most of that lies under the hood. The above 3/4 front angle is one I have not seen and it is quite possibly the best view. This angle really gives the view of the bulging rear finder. From this view looking at the A- pillar back looks like a first gen -Z with a wide body kit as seen on race cars of the era. Good job Nissan. Then that finder rolls into a rear end that was never one of my favorites on a Z or anyone else I know of but it kind of works but looks very wide. Maybe it is better in person.

    It is hard to complain about 400 hp in a Z and I understand packaging and keeping the cost down with an already existing motor. However, character not just numbers of a sports car are important. Nissan does get the character aspect of a sports car as evidenced by maintaining a manual transmission but is missing the boat by not having the linear smoothness and amazing sound of a straight six under the hood. As for the name, that is another issue.

    I think Lee L is right. There is a naming issue that comes up when a company does not stick to the original formula. The Z car has been listed with a motor size since the beginning and there are some things that should never change. You lose linage when you do that. The line of Z cars indicates there should be a 400 Z but if there is not a 400 cm motor under the hood it should not be called a 400 Z. If it is going to be a 300 cm motor however with a V-6 the name could be a 300 ZV DDTT separating it from the first 300 Z with a V-6, or 300 VRZ- DDTT. It is a long designation but it does describe what the car is and that has been tradition. That would be my logical choice and first choice.

    However, if straying away from tradition (not recommended) the name Proto Z is not bad. The new car does simulate Proto type race cars from the past and street cars.

    Start out selling them at bargain basement pricing to get people in the car and find out (hopefully) how amazing the New Z is (best bang for the buck). Then once you have achieved the new following give the buyer something to chase through NISMO and up graded models with more horsepower, better brakes, and suspension packages (softer for some and firmer for others). Focus on the driving experience not just the numbers publications preach. Bench racing is one thing but a great driving experience is another.

    Enjoy the ride.

  3. F31Roger says:

    Damn… I hope the other companies take cues and start making that one sports car that could keep them going.

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