Infiniti Red Sport twin-turbo V6 confirmed for Nissan Z Proto

What has long been suspected has now been confirmed. The Nissan Z Proto has the VR30DDTT under the hood. Nissan hasn’t popped the hood of the Z concept for press, but a fan was able to snap a few shots of the 400-horsepower, twin-turbo V6 during a display setup at Nissan Crossing in Ginza. Continue reading


JNC THEATER: There’s an animated Mitsubishi Delica in The Great North

There’s a new animated show on Fox called The Great North, and the family car is none other than a Mitsubishi Delica. There’s only two episodes so far and the van appears in both. To be clear the car is never explicitly identified as a Delica, but given the general profile, two-tone paint job, and 4×4 stance, what else could it be? Continue reading

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Toyota might build a Century-esque ultra-luxury SUV

According to a new report out of Japan, Toyota is planning to launch an ultra-luxury vehicle on par with the Century, except it will be an SUV. Spurred by a global shift from sedans to crossovers and sport utility vehicles, it will be Toyota’s highest priced SUV and a flagship for the brand. Continue reading


VIDEO: The post-bubble 1993 Tokyo Motor Show was subdued but still awesome

By 1993 Japan was in a deep economic slump. As a result, the mood at the Tokyo Motor Show was a bit more sober, according to this Motorweek video. There were still lots of funky concepts, but fewer were geared towards sport, luxury, and off-roading. However, compared to what’s offered these days the cars were still a bonanza of funkiness and creative design. Continue reading


Happy Daruma Celica Day from JNC

Today is February 2, or 2/2, as in TA22. As it happens, it’s a pretty good year to Celica-brate the Daruma. We just marked the 50th anniversary of the Celica a couple of months ago, and learned last week that Toyota has filed for a trademark for the Celica name. There’s not much more to say today, except that hopefully Celica is a nameplate that endures for many more years to come. Happy Daruma Celica Day from JNC!


The next Nissan Pathfinder could have retro design cues

A new Nissan Pathfinder will be revealed later this week, and we’re going to make a prediction. It will have retro design cues taken from the first-generation. It’s not a complete shot in the dark, but it’s close. In this case, we have no insider information; just some circumstantial evidence. Continue reading


QotW: What should Toyota do with the Celica name?

Last week we learned that Toyota has filed for a trademark for the Celica name. As readers have pointed out, the most likely reason is that they just want to hang onto the name to prevent others from using it. Sorry for the second Toyota QotW in a row, but what if you called the shots at ToMoCo? Would you build an all-new sports coupe? Use the name on an existing car? Turn it into an SUV? Let’s say you have free reign to alter the entire lineup. Bonus points for reality.

What should Toyota do with the Celica name?

The most entertaining comment by next Monday will receive a prize. Scroll down to see the winner of last week’s QotW, “What should Toyota do with the Land Cruiser?Continue reading


VIDEO: Here’s a Nissan 240SX that doesn’t go sideways

This should be a fun one. You utter the words “Nissan 240SX” to anyone even marginally knowledgeable about cars today, and the first thing they’ll think is “drift missile.” But when the S14 debuted in 1995, that wasn’t even remotely the case. This review was aired in June 1994, a full year before Initial D began its 18-year run. Continue reading


This collection of 1,200 motorcycles proves it’s better to hoard bikes than cars

It would probably be inaccurate to call Brad Boyle’s warehouse of motorcycles a collection. It’s more of an obsession. Boyle owns 1,200 motorcycles, and estimates that 300 to 400 of them are Hondas. When you’re asked how many Hondas you have and the count can be off by 100, you might have too many. Continue reading


The Toyopet SA was Toyota’s first post-war passenger car

Introduced in 1947, the Toyopet SA was Toyota’s first all-new post-war passenger car design. It was advanced for a Japanese car of its time, but due to limitations on automobile production and Japan’s market conditions at the time, only 215 were built. The Toyota Automobile Museum has probably the nicest remaining example in existence, and it actually runs. Continue reading


BIKES: After 43 years, it’s the end of the road for the Yamaha SR400

After over four decades of production, the Yamaha SR series is coming to an end. These days, Japanese motorcycle manufacturers are rapidly churning out throwback bikes that hearken back to their heydays, but the Yamaha SR400 and SR500 actually existed in that heyday. It’s progressed largely unchanged for over four decades, cementing its position as an icon of the Yamaha brand. Continue reading


Toyota has filed for a trademark of the Celica name

Toyota has filed for a ownership of the name “Celica” with the US Patent and Trademark Office. While this might indicate nothing more than a desire to hold on to the rights to that name, there’s been some speculation that Toyota could bring the model back. Continue reading


QotW: What should Toyota do with the Land Cruiser?

Even though true off-road vehicles are seeing a massive surge in popularity right now, Toyota has opted to axe the Land Cruiser, its oldest continuous nameplate, in the US after this year. It almost defies logic, and while it can be argued that the current LC is too luxurious and expensive, four-wheeling and overlanding — and now COVID-inspired getaways — are among the hottest automotive trends right now. American automakers Ford, Jeep, and Chevy have all revived once-canceled models like the Bronco, Gladiator, and Blazer. The Big T has an opportunity here.

What should Toyota do with the Land Cruiser?

The most entertaining comment by next Monday will receive a prize. Scroll down to see the winner of last week’s QotW, “What makes a good car company heritage collection?Continue reading


Let’s turn our Bride racing seats into rocking chairs, since we’re all old now

If you’re into Nihon steel, it’s hard not to feel like an old geezer these days. The cars we grew up with are now being lauded and collected as classics, and their parts are getting ever scarcer. Many of us probably don’t have the the physical ability or the will to wrench for 48 hours straight on a cold garage floor subsisting on nothing but instant ramen anymore. So, why not live into it by getting the newly released Bride racing seat rocking chair? Continue reading


TAS2021: HKS’s new Advanced Heritage engine brings supercar tech to the RB26

Renowned tuning house HKS has unveiled a new complete engine solution to bring your 90s-era Nissan straight-six into the modern age. Called the Advanced Heritage concept, it takes Nissan’s tried-and-true RB26 and adds a bunch of modern technologies to improve efficiency and performance. Amazingly, HKS claims that this new setup can push out a reliable 600 horsepower while maintaining an incredible 20 km/l — or 47 mpg! — fuel economy, all while meeting Japan’s latest emissions standards. Continue reading


This is the most detailed Seibu Keisatsu DR30 Skyline model ever released

The DR30 Skyline from the television series Seibu Keisatsu is the latest car to undergo transformation into a super-detailed 1:8-scale subscription model. When all is said and done, it’ll take almost two years and ¥200,000 (about $1,930) to complete the model. That may seem like a lot, but it’ll be the most accurate replica of this famous cop car that money can buy. Continue reading


What will become of the Toyota Land Cruiser?

We have a bit of left over news from 2020 that we just couldn’t bring ourselves to write about in an already dark year. Toyota will discontinue the US market Land Cruiser would after 2021. It’s something that has been rumored for a while, but the company finally issued a buried confirmation on December 24, just in time for Christmas. Ugh. Continue reading


QotW: What makes a good car company heritage collection?

On January 18, 2009 General Motors, auctioned off about 200 cars from its heritage collection, desperate for cash during the throes of the global financial crisis. Enthusiasts expressed dismay, but many of the cars were SEMA builds or movie cars that didn’t seem to add much to the collection. Others, however, were more valuable, like a 1969 COPO Camaro ZL-1 (a top-spec performance model and one of 69 built). Realistically, it’d be close to impossible for a company to store everything, so what should it keep? One of every model made? Just the important ones? Pivotal concept cars? If you were in charge, how would you call the shots?

What makes a good car company heritage collection?

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TAS2021: Here come Daihatsu’s Tokyo Auto Salon cars

Daihatsu has officially taken the wraps off their 2021 Tokyo Auto Salon builds. We saw mock-ups of them last month, but now videos of the finished cars can be seen in motion, complete with jaunty music. This is probably the most we’ll get to see of them, too, because the Tokyo Auto Salon is canceled this year due to the coronavirus pandemic. Instead, everything will be virtual. Continue reading


The GT-R50 Test Car looks like it came straight out of Star Wars

We will admit that the first thing to catch our eyes in these photos of the GT-R50 Test Car that’s now on display at Nissan’s Ginza showroom is the cases full of scale GT-R models. But, after looking at those our eyes were drawn to the GT-R50’s Empire-chic  black and white paint job. There’s something alluring about the myth of the Test Car. Continue reading