Tokyo Auto Salon: Suzuki Land Cruiser? Toyota Jimny?

The Suzuki Jimny is one of the coolest SUVs to debut in recent years. With its true body-on-frame construction, transfer case, and low-range, it’s mor of a true off-roader than most of the bigger, tough-looking crossovers on the market today. Plus, with a starting price of ¥1,458,000 ($13,400 USD), you can afford to have fun with it. That’s exactly what one company did at this year’s Tokyo Auto Salon, when they dressed one up as a Toyota Land Cruiser.

Specifically, the Jimny is made to look like a 70-series Land Cruiser, a body style so beloved it was briefly brought back into production in Japan in 2014. The chrome grille even comes with a “TOYOTA” logo embedded within. And if you look closely at the painted steelies, the old school katakana Toyota logo adorns the center caps. Naturally, it sports the Land Cruiser’s white roof, as well as the old “4-Wheel Drive” emblem on the rear door.

Very little information was provided, and in fact the car doesn’t even appear on the official TAS roster. The license plate indicates that it was built by a shop called Ladder Frame Factory, which is part of Gunma Toyota dealerships. Incidentally, that’s an FJ40 model car on the hood.

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6 Responses to Tokyo Auto Salon: Suzuki Land Cruiser? Toyota Jimny?

  1. Jim Simspson says:

    insanely cool, I would certainly have one… what a fun daily driver that would be…

    • Jure says:

      Not a good daily tbh. And i absolutely love the car, I really do, it drives great… Off road. On the road let alone highway its performance is poor. But then again it is a 4×4 and not some SUV.

  2. RX626 says:

    This Jimny is a custom car produced by Gunma Toyota dealer.
    Unfortunately, because they are Toyota dealers, I think body kits for this Jimny will not be sold…

  3. Ant says:

    Any interior snaps? Interested to see what wheel that is and whether they’ve done anything else inside…

  4. Socarboy says:

    With Suzuki cozening up to Toyota this thing would be a great addition to Toyota showrooms in the USA

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