Production Nissan Z to debut in New York August 17

We finally have an official date for the Z35’s debut. Nissan tweeted that it will unveil the seventh-generation Z-car in New York on August 17, 2021. This means it will likely debut as a 2022 model, matching the GT-R Proto’s timeline over a decade and a half ago.

Nissan had told us that the “Proto” moniker was meaningful in regards to the release, and the GT-R Proto debuted in 2005, two years before the GT-R proper. The Z Proto was unveiled September 2020, so a 2022 on-sale date would follow. Also, the location of New York might be significant, as the Datsun 240Z made its North American debut at the Pierre Hotel there in 1969.

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5 Responses to Production Nissan Z to debut in New York August 17

  1. Lee L says:

    Pretty psyched for this. I really hope they don’t call it 400Z.

  2. pete240z says:

    Only one comment?

  3. MikeRL411 says:

    Note that Nissan used the originalNISSAN badge, not the new iteration.

  4. Ellis says:

    Please be lighter than the last 3 Z cars…

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