Nissan Z NISMO drifts into 2024 with new nose

Nissan says it’s “teasing” the new Z NISMO with a video of it kicking out tire smoke galore. It’s not much of a teaser, because the whole shebang can be seen in its full undisguised glory. There’s a number of changes, but most notably the NISMO version has a new schnoz that looks pretty slick.

Nissan didn’t reveal hard numbers, but we can see quite a bit in the video. In addition to the new nose the NISMO gets a longer new side skirts, a longer rear bumper, a spoiler, new wheels, and red racing seats. There even seems to be some thin fender flares over the wheel arches. Chris Forsberg, known for his gold Datsun 280Z drift car, is the wheelman.

It’s not quite the nose of the Tokyo Auto Salon’s Nissan Fairlady Z Customized Proto concept (what a mouthful) inspired by the Z432-R, but we think it looks just as good. Incidentally, that is nose also got the green light for production, so perhaps it’ll be a dealer accessory or something similar. We’re split (no pun intended) on which nose we prefer, but how great is it that we may have two equally good-looking options for the new Z.

The only other tidbit of information that Nissan shared is that more information will be coming this summer. For now, we’ll just bask in the fact that two Japanese auto giants have revealed heritage-inspired cars in as many days.

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3 Responses to Nissan Z NISMO drifts into 2024 with new nose

  1. Pete240z says:

    Near Chicago you can’t get a Z out the door (with taxes) for under $60,000+ and now we’re offering more high dollar Z’s?

    Where’s the $40,000 Z that I can buy for $40,000 (then add tax). I’m ready to buy one……good luck if Nissan actually builds one…..

    You too Toyota – where’s that Trueno?

  2. pete240z says:

    When can I get into the game and just buy the $40,000 Z? All I see are $52,000 Z’s with crazy $15,000 markups and now we get another cool version with a higher price tag? to get a Z is going to push my cost to the mid-$60’s. For that price I’m buying a Mustang with the Shelby name on it somewhere. These Z’s aren’t that awesome……………

    I’m also looking over your way Toyota AE86 Trueno……

  3. Taylor C. says:

    The car is looking better, but then for some reason I feel this Nissan commercial would benefit from less of a dori dori scene, and moreso with a Japanese theme, or something that catered to a larger target audience. I’m not saying it’s time to go “Infiniti” and break out the rocks and nature scenes and I’m not downplaying the tail-happy crowds, but I feel the car should have had a more involved commercial setup and not just a skidpad. Maybe the non-Nismo version might fit that backdrop better?

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