VIDEO: Chris Forsberg drifting a Datsun 280Z

Chris Forsberg Datsun 280Z Drift

And now for your viewing pleasure, Chris Forsberg drifting his 500hp, RB25-swapped Datsun 280Z. Chris may be better known his day job as a Formula D champ and pilot of a near-1,000hp Nissan 370Z powered by the VK56 V8 from a Titan pickup, but for his own personal slider he’s got his own wicked nostalgic. Watch the video, a promo for his sponsor Clarion, in the video below: 

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7 Responses to VIDEO: Chris Forsberg drifting a Datsun 280Z

  1. mister k says:

    ha he sorta looks like fifield
    shoulda turned him into a zombie too

  2. Steve says:

    Yeah? well… I saw a 300ZX the other day.

    And a panda AE86 a few days before that.

    And a datsun 620 a few days before that.

    • Randy says:

      You live in the desert, don’t you?..

      • Steve says:

        Actually, Indiana.

        Near purdue university so we get a lot of expensive and foreign cars being driving around here by all the asian students.

        When me and my wife were moving into our apartment there was some asian kid moving out who had a beat up fastback 240SX

        There are 2 CRX’s around here and 3 del sols, and one recent find is the new f-type jag convertible (yeah I know, not really related to this blog at all, but any car fan can appreciate it)

        • Randy says:

          Very little like those around Pgh… Road salt on pre-galvanized cars, abusive teenagers, and all that. Used to see the bright green Del Sol, but not recently.

          Jags are nice, but I’d have to hit the lottery to add any (XJ-Ses!) to my stable.

  3. Snake says:

    My dream set up! Fairlady Z plus rb25! 😀

  4. Randy says:

    That’s a commercial I wouldn’t mind sitting through. Too bad it’ll never be on the mainstream programs.

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