Liberty Walk cars star in boy band music video inspired by racing games

Exile Tribe is apparently a boy band in Japan with a whopping 16 members. In their latest music video, for a song called “The Rampage / 16 Boosterz”, the singers gather 16 of Liberty Walk’s most famous cars. Then they “race” them around a track in what appears to be inspired by classic racing games like “Auto Modellista”.

Just a warning for the Olds. The music is downright terrible. Come to think of it, so are the special effects like the sparks flying out from beneath the cars’ tires, which doesn’t even make sense. But, the cars are cool and you might see some favorites.

Whoever assembled the cars may have known  what they were doing, though. Classic matchups like the Hakosuka Skyline and Mazda RX-3 are a throwback to the early days of Japanese touring car racing. After all, the RX-3 was the upstart who denied the KPGC10 Skyline GT-R a victory during what Nissan assumed to be a preordained 50th win. There’s also a brief scene in which the Hoshino Silvia-inspired R34 pairs up with the Hasemi Skyline-inspired R34.

Liberty Walk has built some truly memorable cars over the years, even if some purists consider them blasphemous. We have no idea the popularity level of this band, but if it gets teenagers interested in cars, we have no compalints.

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3 Responses to Liberty Walk cars star in boy band music video inspired by racing games

  1. Nigel says:

    Still keep looking at that blue Kenmeri. The music sounds like the credit music for an anime.

  2. Jim Daniels says:

    At least the cars are cool!

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