JNC PROJECT HAKO: Big in Australia

A little over a year ago, JNC‘s very own Kevin San was selected by Nulon, an Australian oil and lubricant company, to participate in a video series titled “Born This Way,” which follows hard core car enthusiasts and explores what makes them tick. Today Nulon debuted the full video, so now you can see Kev’s Project Hako in action as you’re serenaded by the dulcet tones of his sexy Australian accent. 

Kev has owned a great many Japanese icons, but the Hako is special. In addition to talking about how he came to own his particular car, he also narrates an excellent history of the C10 Skyline. Even if, like me, you’ve heard Kev’s story many times, the video is still most definitely an enjoyable and entertaining watch.

Other episodes in the series that might be of particular interest to JNC readers — and that will stoke yet more anger at our restrictive import laws — feature a 1,000-horse R34 Skyline GT-R, Honda K20-powered FD RX-7, Wangan-style JZA80 SupraGT300 inspired S15 Silvia and a drag-spec Mazda RX-3.

Congratulations, Kev!

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3 Responses to JNC PROJECT HAKO: Big in Australia

  1. Tom Westmacott says:

    Oh wow, that’s fantastic. Really great to see the Hako in motion, and hear Kev tell his story ‘face to face’, so to speak.


  2. Parrot says:

    Sexy Australian accent?

  3. Wayne Thomas says:


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