Cutaway Nissan RB30 made out of Lego actually spins

The creativity that people can manage with a pile of plastic bricks never ceases to amaze. The most recent Lego marvel we’ve come across is a completely operational Nissan RB30 engine. Powered by an electric motor, the approximately 1:3 scale straight-six has a moving crankshaft, pistons, turbo and a valvetrain that all moves in sync.

The engine is the creation of Lego builder Ronald Tewes, who has built all kinds of mind-blowing machinery out of Lego bricks. Some of his other projects include a Lamborghini V12, blown Hemi 426, radial engine, and this crazy Terminator arm. The RB30 similar to the one found in the R31 Nissan Skyline is admittedly a strange choice, but a turbocharged variant was used in the VL Holden Commodore, a moderately popular Australian sedan. Tewes appears to be developing his RB30 into a kit for sale, complete with instructions. So far it looks to be only for sale in Australia.

If this isn’t your speed, there are plenty of more JDM creations that fans have come up with, such as a working Toyota 4A-G, and incredibly detailed Technic Toyota FJ40 Land Cruiser and Back to the Future HiLux, Initial D-themed AE86, and a whole host of other JNCs. There’s a whole subculture of Lego car builders that come up with some insanely impressive stuff.

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3 Responses to Cutaway Nissan RB30 made out of Lego actually spins

  1. Taylor C. says:

    Looks awesome. Years back, I had decided to splurge and buy Lego’s first venture into the automotive collab lineup, the 42056 Porchse 911 GT3 RS. I pre-ordered, waited, and kept it in the shipping box once it arrived. Years later my son and I built it up and everything went together as the instructions directed us to.

    It looked fine, but I just didn’t have any attachment to it since I didn’t have any Porsche vehicles myself. I decided to just look online to see what add-ons could be done, and came across alternate build instructions on how to convert this kit into a Datsun Fairlady Z432r! Orange paint, black hood, the side profile, everything. A genuine H pattern 5-speed manual that connected between the engine and differential. I ended up using 99% of the parts from the original Lego set, and bought one new parts for the 5-speed transmission. Here’s the link:

  2. MOZZOLI says:

    Hello, I’m not interested in Lego, not my age… no more.

    I’m searching for all historical testimonies on Renault Gordini Elf V6 2 Liters engine used from 1975 to 1979 in Harade HRC ALPINE A441 during Fuji GC and LD races with specially driver Hasemi San.
    Pics would be appreciated too, for example from issue AUTO TECHNIC 1976-1 “GRAND CHAMPION”…

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