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EVENTS: Japanese Classic Car Show, Part 05

We have so much coverage from JCCS that we’ve skipped the Friday Video this week and spilling the final installment into the weekend. So like a fleet of ported rotaries roaring down the 710, let’s tear right in!


EVENTS: Japanese Classic Car Show 2010, Part 04

We know Honda heads have often felt left out of the nostalgic car movement, but this year’s JCCS had more Hondas than ever. Luckily, the N600s and Z600s didn’t take up much space! It wasn’t just the kei-sized creations of Soichiro … Continue reading


EVENTS: Japanese Classic Car Show 2010, Part 03

Mazda is one of two major automakers that sponsors JCCS, and there’s always a nice display of rotaries thanks to the legions of SoCal Mazdafarians. Here is a study in contrasts, the sleek and sexy SA22C RX-7 and its pistonless … Continue reading


EVENTS: Japanese Classic Car Show 2010, Part 02

This year’s JCCS was so big, so popular, so insane, attendees had to wait at least one hour just to get through the gates. Some gave up and went home (their loss). Word has it that the line stretched all … Continue reading


EVENTS: Japanese Classic Car Show 2010, Part 01

This is the first installment of many from JCCS 2010. Toyota USA is a major sponsor and they pulled no  punches with several of the race cars in their collection. More on this later!


Japanese Classic Car Show 2010 Preview

We’ve just returned from an exhausting but incredible day at JCCS 2010. Here’s a taste for now, but we’ll have more coverage as we sort through the photos and the week goes on.


EVENTS: Japanese Classic Car Show 2009 Preview

We are tired and overheated from running at redline all day at the JCCS. But we are happy to report that the 2009 Japanese Classic Car Show was the best one yet, with plenty of old school goodness to blow … Continue reading


Japanese Classic Car Show 2009

There’s less than a month left to register your car for the 2009 Japanese Classic Car Show. This is going to be a special one, as it is the 5th anniversary of the show that finally brought kyusha fans a … Continue reading


Japanese Classic Car Show Registration Open

This is it, kyusha fans. Registration for the 2009 Japanese Classic Car Show is now open! This one’s a can’t-miss because it’s the fifth anniversary of the JCCS and it will be the biggest ever. If you haven’t done so … Continue reading


Another Japanese Classic Car Show, in Brisbane

We yanks just had our Japanese Classic Car Show, but so did the Aussies, a week prior! Thanks to down under JNCers B1500boy and Saru for the photos. Check out the unique assortment of weird J-tin that we never recieved … Continue reading


EVENTS: Japanese Classic Car Show 2008

Highly anticipated pics from the 2008 Japanese Classic Car Show are up. It was the best JCCS yet, and the 345 photos in our gallery prove it!


EVENTS: Japanese Classic Car Show

The 2007 Japanese Classic Car Show in Long Beach! It’s no just an important event for vintage J-cars, but it also marks a whole year since we’ve been slogging our sorry selves all over the place to populate this site … Continue reading

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[USA] Japanese Classic Car Show 2007

I’m quite sure none of you need to be reminded that the Japanese Classic Car Show for 2007 is coming up in October, but for those living under a rock in a trench somewhere in the Pacific, get over to … Continue reading

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EVENTS: 2015 Nissan Jam, Part 02

One of Nissan Jam’s proudest accomplishments is gathering a hugely diverse field of cars from Nissan’s long and storied history. From 1960s to modern day, from mini-trucks to drift machines, from lowliest Sunny to mightiest GT-R, the Jam had it all. 


EVENTS: 2015 Nissan Jam, Part 01

Though only in its third year, Nissan Jam has become a regular on the nostalgic car show calendar. For 2015, the show moved from its former home to a new location, West Covina Nissan. The larger space allowed for more cars than before, as well … Continue reading


MINICARS: 2015 Hot Wheels X JNC Datsun 510 Wagon

We can probably all agree that there’s nothing cooler than an old Japanese wagon. With that in mind, we’re proud to announce the next Hot Wheels car to bear the JNC inkan is, once again, the 1:64 scale representation of designer Jun Imai’s Datsun … Continue reading


KIDNEY, ANYONE? 1987 Isuzu Impulse RS Turbo

Today’s Kidney Car is a sad one, because it belongs to our dear friend Bart Wilkus, JNC contributor and master of all things Isuzu. How does one even begin to write a “Kidney, Anyone?” for their own car? I guess I’ll … Continue reading


JNC Volume 04

Cover Story: 10,000-rpm Honda S600 and S800 + Toyota Corolla GT-S- 25 Years of the AE86 + 1977 C210 Nissan Skyline + Toyota 2000GT X Lexus LFA + Time Machine Festival + Japanese Classic Car Show + JNC Project Hakosuka + JNC Project Bluebird + Our regular columns, news and event coverage. Continue reading

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The Subaru Legacy is officially a Japanese nostalgic car, Part 02

Let’s get right back into the groove this new year by continuing the induction of the original Subaru Legacy into the 25 Year Club. In Part 01, we studied its origins, but despite its humble family sedan appearance, Fuji Heavy Industries intended … Continue reading


JNC‘s top stories of 2014

As we mentioned, 2014 was the Year of the JNC. As it draws to a close, let’s look back at the things that most interested JNCers over the last 365 days.

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