NY Auto Show: There’s a Suzuki Jimny in New York, you guys

One of the biggest surprises at the New York Auto Show was the presence of a Suzuki Jimny. We were stoked to see what was likely the first new Suzuki car on US soil, in all its highlighter yellow glory, since the company left the market in 2012. It was even a left-hand-drive model. What was it doing here? Continue reading


NEWS: It’s the end of the line for the Mitsubishi Pajero

It’s always sad when a storied and accomplished lineage comes to an end with no successor in sight. Today, that fate belongs to the Mitsubishi Pajero. On Wednesday Mitsubishi Motors announced that the illustrious off-roader will cease sales in Japan this August, and that the company will not develop the nameplate any further. Continue reading


VIDEO: Nissan celebrates the 50th anniversary of the Tomei Expressway

You are probably sick of hearing about Nissan’s many anniversaries this year, but the company is celebrating one more 50-year milestone — that of the Tomei Expressway. The 215-mile highway traces Japan’s southern coast between Tokyo and Nagoya, following a trunk road dating back to feudal times. In 1969, that route opened to motor vehicles and became one of the most heavily traveled roads in Japan. Continue reading


EARTH DAY: The 1985 Toyota AXV got 80 mpg thanks to clever design

Toyota is known leading sales of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles and pioneering hybrid tech (even as early as 1977), but back in 1985 they didn’t reinvent the wheel with a new powertrain. They simply tried to build the most efficient internal-combustion automobile imaginable. That car was the Toyota AXV. Continue reading


QotW: What’s your favorite Z?

Nissan celebrated dual 50th anniversaries last week for two of its most revered models. We’ve inquired about the GT-R already; now it’s the Z’s turn. The beloved Z has gone through countless variations over the years, from the race-ready Fairlady Z432 of the disco age to the twin-turbocharged Z32 of the Bubble Era to the the long-lived 370Z of modern times. From the moment of its debut, the way the world looked at sports cars was changed forever. There are many to choose from, but if you could have any one, what would it be, and why?

What’s your favorite Z?

The most entertaining comment by next Monday will receive a prize. Scroll down to see the winner of last week’s QotW, “What’s your favorite GT-R?Continue reading


NY Auto Show: A gallery of classic Z-cars

The GT-R’s incredible 50th anniversary display may have taken center stage at the New York Auto Show, but the Z’s half-century birthday did not go uncelebrated. Nissan also brought out several historic Z models from its US collection, and also welcomed several owners from local Z-car clubs to show their rides. Continue reading


NY Auto Show: Nissan built a one-night shrine to the GT-R and Z

It’s been a big week for Nissan here in New York, celebrating the 50th anniversaries of its two most revered nameplates, the Z and GT-R. Nissan hosted a reception to honor the two models, bringing art, artists, and actual cars to commemorate the occasion for one night. The shindig took place at an event space near Union Square, and for one night, the it was the closest thing you could get in the US to a GT-R and Z museum. Continue reading


VIDEO: The Datsun 240Z was Nissan’s ambassador to the world

While the original Skyline GT-R dominated at home and was largely unknown outside of Japan until the R33 had existed for several years, the S30 Z was Nissan’s halo car, torchbearer, and image-maker around the world. It was the 240Z that transformed Americans’ ideas of what a sports car could be, achieved countless victories at road racing events across the US, and wowed Europe with rallying wins. A new video from Nissan celebrates that legacy. Continue reading

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MOTORSPORTS: Archival footage of Hakosuka Skylines racing evokes the passion and history of the GT-R

To coincide with the 50th birthday celebration of the GT-R and the release of the 50th Anniversary Edition GT-R, Nissan has released archival footage of the original GT-Rs that launched the legend. No matter how grainy and shaky, these videos still stir passions for the Skyline in sights and sound. Skyline GT-Rs finish 1-2-3 at the Japan Grand Prix separated by less than a car length. Fearless men sling them around the fatally dangerous banking of old Fuji Speedway. Hakosuka GT-Rs plow through walls of water and fog as they race in Japan’s famously drenching summer downpours. It is the very definition of beauty in motion. Continue reading

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NY Auto Show: Nissan brings its GT-R crown jewels to New York

To commemorate the 50th anniversary of the GT-R this year, Nissan came to New York with three GT-R crown jewels. Perhaps three of the most priceless cars in Nissan’s own collection, the trio represents three generations of GT-R motorsports provenance and are irreplaceable. Yet Nissan flew them halfway around the world from Japan to New York for the big 50th birthday party. Continue reading


NEWS: Nissan releases 50th Anniversary GT-R and upgrades Track, NISMO editions

2019 is a momentous year for Nissan. Not only does it mark 50 years of the iconic Z, but also 50 years of the legendary GT-R. Nissan already marked the Z’s birthday with a 370Z 50th Anniversary Edition, but now it’s Godzilla’s turn with its own motorsports-inspired 50th Anniversary Edition. Continue reading

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NEWS: Nissan releases 50th Anniversary Edition 370Z

Nissan is releasing a special edition version of the 370Z to commemorate 50 years of its revolutionary sports car. The Nissan 370Z 50th Anniversary Edition is based on the 370Z Sport, but features a distinct two-tone graphic that fans of Nissan’s motorsports heritage will surely recognize. Continue reading


VIDEO: Watch Monster Tajima crush this New Zealand Hillclimb

Monster Tajima’s Suzuki Escudo is a legendary hillclimb machine. In this Option video circa 1998, the crew follows Tajima on his quest to win the New Zealand Gold Rush in Queenstown. Of course, that in itself is worth watching the video for, but what’s also interesting are the other slabs of Nihon steel who also participated. Continue reading


QotW: What’s your favorite GT-R?

This week Nissan plans to celebrate 50 years of the iconic GT-R at the New York International Auto Show. Godzilla has had many incarnations over the years, from classic street machine to world-beating race car. Designs have spanned the chrome age to the carbon fiber age, horsepower from 160 to 600, and price from $20,000 to $1.1 million. At times, it seems as if GT-Rs have comprised half the cars available in Gran Turismo. There are a lot to choose from, but if you could have any one, which would it be, and why?

What’s your favorite GT-R?

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The $1.1 million GT-R50 is a triumph of Nissan’s supercar legacy

Supercars aren’t what they used to be. In a literal sense, they are, of course, quite a bit more than what they used to be. Nowadays, you have cars that spew a thousand horsepower, cars that stride to 200 miles per hour, and cars that charge forth from 0-60 in the two-second range. To a supercar just reaching the 25-year threshold of classic-dom, such figures were a pipe dream. Who among us, though, wouldn’t rather have a Ferrari F40, Porsche 959, or McLaren F1 than whatever matte black wrap is rolling down Sunset Boulevard at this very moment? Continue reading


EVENTS: The California Accord Meet proves family sedans can be cool again

The Honda Accord: Once a practical family car, now a beloved classic that has spawned an entire show dedicated to a single model. The California Accord Meet in SoCal is the largest Honda Accord gathering in the US, and  draws enthusiasts from around the country. We followed two friends who made the pilgrimage from Minnesota in their own cars to attend the Accord mecca. Continue reading


MOTORSPORT: When Nissan and Mazda ruled IMSA GTU

There was a time, not too long ago, when the US truly cared about road racing. On Saturdays and Sundays, Americans would tune into the International Motor Sports Association’s contests of speed, broadcast not on some obscure cable channel catering to gearheads, but on network TV. Car companies would proudly use these race cars in advertising. The best drivers became household names, and the cars weren’t just identical shells running different stickers to denote the brand. These were the golden days of IMSA, and marques like Datsun and Mazda dominated the scene. Continue reading


VIDEO: This fire truck ties together the legend-making years of Land Cruiser history

In the latest episode of Jay Leno’s Garage, the car collector and former talk show host gets behind the wheel of a Toyota Land Cruiser fire truck. It’s no secret that the prices of 60-series Land Cruisers are rapidly rising, and thanks to their reputation for indestructibility even examples with well above 200,000 miles on the clock are asking $15,000 to $30,000. One whose odometer hasn’t turned over yet? That’s Lexus money. This civil servant, on the other hand, has done all but 18,000 km (11,184 miles) in its lifetime, and just might be a clever way to get into a Land Cruiser on the cheap. Continue reading


Honda’s past and future machines transform and race in this cool animated ad

The Honda Formula One channel has made a dynamic ad showcasing the company’s wide range of machines. The video is animated in a nifty, high-contrast style, and depicts F1 cars racing and transforming into vehicles as wide-ranging as the Super Cub motorcycle to the 1965 RA272 race car to the HondaJet. The lineup is probably more diverse than any other automaker out there. If it weren’t for the retirement of ASIMO last year, there could’ve been a robot sprinting down the track. Continue reading


QotW: Which JNC would you name your kid after?

As we’ve mentioned before, there are some new babies joining the JNC family. While there are many great girls’ names in the JNC world, there aren’t many choices for boys. Brandon Kelly and his wife got there first last week, with the birth of their baby boy Maximus. I happen to think Cedric Hsu has a great ring to it but sadly my other half has vetoed it. Surprisingly, she’s totally on board with it being a car name, but believes that Cedrics are too obscure in the US and that everyone will think of Cedric the Entertainer instead (an assumption that has proven correct thus far). I guess I’ll have to insist on my second choice, AE86. Is it even a good idea to borrow a name from the JNC world?

Which JNC would you name your kid after?

The most entertaining comment by next Monday will receive a prize. Scroll down to see the winner of last week’s QotW, “What are the rules of the road for your JNC?Continue reading