Honda is selling new parts for the S2000’s 20th anniversary

In honor of the S2000’s 20th anniversary, Honda is selling all-new parts designed for its popular roadster. Based on the S2000 20th Anniversary prototype unveiled at the Tokyo Auto Salon, Honda is technically calling this a MMC, or minor model change. In other words, consider this the third facelift for the S2K. Continue reading

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VIDEO: Z-Cars and Rotaries, classics that appeal to “the youths”

What are the classic cars that will inspire the younger generation of car enthusiasts  to carry on the restoration hobby? You already know the answer but if any additional validation was needed, Hagerty Insurance’s Barn Find Hunter video series reaffirms it: Japanese steel in the form of Mazda rotaries and early Nissan Z-Cars. Continue reading

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Kidney, Anyone? A well preserved 1968 Toyota Corona

The RT40 Corona is easily one of the most underrated Toyota classics, which is why it was the subject of one of our illustrious Consider the Following articles. Given how instrumental it was for getting the Toyota name into the American lexicon and its beautiful of-the-era mid-century design, it is a wonder that they aren’t more sought after. Some days you can find a flawless manual coupe for $3,500 and other days it’s $15,000 for an automatic sedan in North Dakota that last saw the road during the Carter administration. Today, however, we have what appears to be one of the best preserved examples that we have had cross our desk recently. Continue reading


QotW: What should the Emperor of Japan have in his garage?

Today is the day when Japan celebrates the Emperor’s birthday. Though the Japanese royals are just figureheads, they can still own pretty much any car(s) they want. The previous Emperor, Akihito, kept it 100 with a low-spec Honda Integra sedan. He stepped down last year, presumably to spend more time cruising around in his Teggy, so this is the first time the country is celebrating the birthday of the new Emperor, Naruhito. Toyota already gifted him a fleet of four Centurys, including a bespoke vert, but why should the patriarch of the Imperial Family settle for just four cars? A birthday seems like a good a time as any to request automobiles from your subjects.

What should the Emperor of Japan have in his garage?

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VIDEO: Watch the Isuzu Trooper take a slalom without rolling over

In the 90s at the dawn of the SUV takeover, truck-based people haulers were trying to move upscale while still retaining their off-road cred. Also, Isuzu still existed as a purveyor of passenger vehicles. Their entry into the segment was the second-generation Trooper (or Bighorn, Jackaroo, Horizon, or Monterey depending on which country you lived in). Continue reading


Honda brings back Phoenix Yellow for limited edition Civic Type R

We all know that the most proper color for any Type R Honda is Championship White, but Phoenix Yellow ranks as a close second. Well, Honda has just announced that it’s bringing back the color on a limited edition Civic Type R for the 2021 model year. Continue reading


Toyota won’t bring the GR Yaris to the US, but will deliver another hot hatch

Toyota USA is adamant that the bonkers GR Yaris won’t be coming to the US. However, even if the car doesn’t, the WRC homologation special’s engine could, according to Toyota’s Bob Carter, executive vice president of sales, in the form of a new hot hatch. Continue reading


TUNE UP: A Mazda RX-7 appears in a Japanese boy band video

Once again we remain utterly clueless about the song or the artist portrayed in the video called “44 Raiders” by the Ballistik Boyz from Exile Tribe. We can only tell you that there is a Mazda RX-7 in it, and it looks very similar to a recent Tokyo Auto Salon winner. Continue reading

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QotW: What’s your best Toyota Corolla story?

On this day in 1972, the Volkswagen Beetle overtook the Ford Model T as the best-selling car in the world. However, the Toyota Corolla has long since obliterated both combined, with over 44 million sold. Unless you’re living in an Amazonian tribe untouched by modernity you’ve owned, known someone who has owned, or ridden in a Corolla. And while we are eager to talk about our AE86s, TE27s, or FX-16s, some of the best tales can come from your run-of-the-mill DX sedans, Geo Prizms, or NUMMI Novas, all of which we will count for this week’s question.

What’s your best Toyota Corolla story?

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Happy Presidents’ Day from JNC

No amount of lawmen can stop this President, a Nissan President H150, to be exact, in a clip from the crime drama The Big City, Part III. The authorities come at it hard, with countless Cedrics and even a Fairlady Z trying their best to bring it and its gang of thugs to a halt, but they are helpless to stop the steamrolling President. Continue reading

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Toyota is already giving the A90 Supra significant updates

Supra sales are not great. Toyota sold just 2,884 of them in 2019, fewer than the number of 86es in same year (3,398). That’s not a good sign for a halo cars like the Supra, whose sales curves usually start out strong and diminish as time goes on. With Toyota’s announcement yesterday that it would jack up the power of the six-cylinder Supra and introduce a 4-cylinder model less than a year into the launch, it seems like the company is hoping to attract more interest. Continue reading


Happy Valentine’s Day from JNC

Happy Valentine’s Day, y’all. Show your loved ones some TLC today, but don’t forget your spouses!

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The winners and runners up of the 2020 Tokyo Auto Salon

The 2020 Tokyo Auto Salon was, like SEMA, largely a big ol’ Supra-fest. However, after the trophies were handed out there were a few highlights from the awards categories that defied convention. Like the teachers said in English class, you have to appreciate the classics. Continue reading


VIDEO: How Hiroshima’s unique past made Mazda what it is today

Mazda is celebrating its centenary this year, so expect to see a lot of historical content from them this year. The latest is a video about the company’s early history and its origins in Hiroshima, an area far removed from the Tokyo-Osaka corridor that all other Japanese carmakers operate out of. As we’ve mentioned before, Mazda’s ties to this region run deep, and this video shows how the history of Hiroshima has uniquely influenced the company. Continue reading


Japan’s postal service celebrates 50 years of the Skyline GT-R with a commemorative stamp set

On Monday Japan’s postal service released a set of commemorative stamps honoring the Nissan Skyline GT-R’s 50th anniversary. Technically, the 50th anniversary took place almost exactly one year ago, but better late than never, no? Of course, with this being a Japan Post commemorative set, it doesn’t end with just stamps. Continue reading


PIXELATED: Acura video game matches its graphics with the car’s era

We pooh-poohed Acura’s “Beat That” ad when it came out last October. A video game based on that spot, though? Well, that’s just undeniably cool. Here’s how you can play. Continue reading


QotW: What’s your most romantic JNC story?

Valentine’s Day is almost upon us, and you know you have some romantic, steamy, or downright heartbreaking stories involving a JNC and a significant other. Maybe there was a date, relationship, or marriage that turned out particularly well (or ended in spectacularly bad fashion) because of your car. Now is the time to share your tales of love.

What’s your most romantic JNC story?

The most entertaining comment by next Monday will receive a prize. Scroll down to see the winner of last week’s QotW, “How should Mazda celebrate its 100 birthday?Continue reading


VIDEO: Chevy’s captive import Isuzu and Suzuki turbos were the bee’s knees

The 1980s were heady times. Even the smallest econoboxes coming out of Japan had sport-ified versions lavished with tech and gear that would have seemed at home on much higher-priced sports cars. Plus, both Isuzu and Suzuki were still operating in the US, and bringing these tiny, turbocharged compacts to our shores. Even if they were badged as a Chevy, they still offered loads of fun and personality for a rock-bottom price of entry. Continue reading


Happy TE27 Day from JNC

Metal bolt-on fender flares should be a factory thing again. Happy TE27 Day from JNC!

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MINICARS: Hot Wheels ’89 Mazda Savanna RX-7 FC3S test shot

A few months go we showed you an early prototype for one of the most exciting Hot Wheels releases for this year, Mazda’s second-generation turbo rotary flagship. According to our friends at Mattel, the official name will be ’89 Mazda Savanna RX-7 FC3S. Now, we have several photos of an early test shot in addition to those released on the Hot Wheels Dream Team Instagram account. Continue reading