EVENTS: 2014 Meiji Jingu Classic Car Festival, Part 01


Unlike last year‘s clear blue skies and balmy weather, this year’s Meiji Jingu Classic Car Festival was held on a cool, wet Saturday. The annual event, put on by the Toyota Automobile museum, welcomes all marques and takes place in a 175-acre park in the center of Tokyo. The weather, though, did not deter a high number of participants or spectators. Both sides of the main avenue leading into the park were crowded with eager kyuusha spotters. Continue reading


KIDNEY, ANYONE? 29k-mile 1986 Toyota Cressida

1986 Toyota Cressida 01

Before Lexus, there was Cressida. The top-of-the-line Toyota from its 1980s glory days was a tech-laden luxo-barge with rear-wheel-drive and an M-series straight-six that will outlast the cockroaches. Obscure enough to have a cult following but cheap enough to be snapped up by any kid with an after-school job, the result is a perfect storm in which cars that have been preserved for decades are immediately slammed and literally driven into the ground. We hope that’s not the fate for this 29,890-mile 1986 Toyota Cressida currently offered for sale in Wilmington, Delaware.  Continue reading


MINICARS: 2015 Hot Wheels lineup announced

1990 Honda NSX

Mattel has announced the entire 2015 Hot Wheels lineup. Each year, there are a number of brand new castings and this year the one that jumps out to JNCers is surely the 1990 Acura NSX. Yes, by next year, Soichiro’s supercar will officially be a Japanese nostalgic car. What a great way to welcome it into the family. Continue reading


REMINDER: Get your California blue plate before year’s end

CA Legacy License Plate 1970s banner

So here’s a thing that is probably not going to happen due to lack of interest. But it should! The California Legacy License Plate Program is offering you a chance to get a legal blue plate for your 1969-87 cars, and there are two weeks left. Continue reading


JNC THEATER: Gorilla: Metropolitan Police Squad 8 DVD box set

Gorilla Metropolitan Police Squad 8

Strap into your gull-winged Starion, because the entire 46-episode run of Gorilla: Metropolitan Police Department Squad 8 goes on sale tomorrow, December 17. What is Gorilla: Metropolitan Police Department Squad 8? It’s an 80s cop show produced in Japan, complete with shootouts, explosions, car chases, and loads of synth music. It’s also heavily sponsored by Mitsubishi, who forked over an endless supply of triple-diamond cars for use in its action set pieces.  Continue reading


QotW: What’s the greatest Japanese nostalgic rally car?


With all the snow blanketing the country this winter, you might as well be rallying. There have been many a JNC throughout history built for tackling the not-quite-paved roads of the world.

What’s the greatest Japanese nostalgic rally car?

The A73 Lancer 1600 GSR was the first Mitsubishi to compete in a WRC race, long before the word “Evolution” was ever associated with the car. It promptly won its debut event, the 1974 Safari Rally, a five-day, 3,700-mile race through the brutal terrain of Kenya. To the surprise of many, drivers Joginder Singh and David Doig beat even WRC regular Björn Waldegård and his far more powerful Porsche 911. Mitsubishi came back in 1976 with three Lancers and swept the podium, finishing 1-2-3. Tommi Mäkinen was 12 years old at the time.

What say you, dear reader? As always, the most entertaining comment by next Monday will receive a prize. Scroll down to see the winner of last week’s QotW, “How does a JNCer pass the winter?”  Continue reading


EVENTS: SevenStock 17


SevenStock is the annual gathering of the Southern California Rotary Club. The combination car show and track day is one of the largest American assemblages Mazdas both old and new, held at Auto Club Speedway in Fontana, California with official support from Mazda North America.  Continue reading


KIDNEY, ANYONE? One-owner, 40k-mile Toyota Celica

1973 Toyota Celica 01

Up for auction right now is a 1973 Toyota Celica with just over 40,000 miles. According to the listing, it has had only one owner previous to the current seller, who acquired it in an estate sale upon the first owner’s passing.  Continue reading


CLASSIC CM: 1972 was a very good year, for Toyota

Toyota Crown 1972 Aussie CM

No matter your stage in life, the 1972 Toyota lineup has a car for you. Heading up to makeout point? You’ll get to first base at least in an E20 Corolla. Looking for a more sophisticated woman? The A20 Celica is your steed. And when all that dating results in offspring, the T80 Corona has you covered. Accompanied by the dulcet tones of Matt Flinders, the monochrome spot feels ominous and somewhat creepy today, as if beneath all that Mad Men sheen there are darker undertones lurking. Or that an axe murderer will simply jump out and off the fornicating teens. Still, kujira Crown! Continue reading


PRODUCT GUIDE: S2 Carbon Works Skate Decks

hakosuka Nissan Skyline Datsun 510 skate decks

Are you jonesing for a glimpse of hakosuka Skyline or Datsun 510 during your sick front side 180 ollie? The S2 Carbon Works 2014 line of skate decks has some pretty cool JDM style rides, including a VIP Celsior/Lexus LS and Honda Odyssey. You can see the full lineup of decks at their website.