VIDEO: Jay Leno drives a Toyota Century with blood in the trunk

It’s the moment when Jay Leno is shown a blood stain in the trunk that he really warms up to the Toyota Century. Whether its really hemoglobin or not isn’t known, but Leno is clearly stoked to be driving what could be an ex-yakuza car. Leno says he’s always heard about the the “Rolls Royce of Japan,” but in the latest episode of Jay Leno’s Garage the former talk show host and car collector finally gets to drive one.

Before he does, though, Leno does what is proper for a true Century owner β€” sit in the back. There, he gets to play with all the cool features, like motorized curtains, a built-in tape recorder, and power reclining rear seats. What isn’t so proper, is when he sticks his dirty work boots through the wool-upholstered pass-through in the front seatback. How uncouth! Oh well, we can forgive that because Leno really seems to like the car.


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6 Responses to VIDEO: Jay Leno drives a Toyota Century with blood in the trunk

  1. I like that Jay says it’s more like the Mercedes 600 of Japan because a Rolls isn’t that special but a 600 is the car to aspire to.

  2. misterk says:

    the most snoresville episode to date zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  3. BlitzPig says:

    I think it’s cool, which is crazy, because normally I like “fun to drive” stuff.

    • Alan says:

      There’s tons of fun in driving one of these. Not everyone defines automotive fun, at least 100% of the time, as clipping apexes and ripping to the redline through every gear.

  4. Mark Newton-John says:

    You don’t really get a Century to drive but to be driven. Like a Maybach 62. You want a driver’s car, then you get a Crown Athlete. Or an Aristo.

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