VIDEO: Identify these nostalgic Nissan race cars by sound

0086-8203_Nissan 1964 Prince Skyline 2000GT S54

Pop quiz, hotshot. Five nostalgic Nissan race machines tear down a straight. You have only the glorious sounds of their motors to identify whether they are the 1971 Safari 240Z, a touring spec B110 Sunny Excellent, the turbocharged 240RS, the OG Prince Skyline GT or the 1982 Safari A10 Violet.

Think you’ve got the chops to tell which is which by sound only? Watch the video below and post your guesses in the comments. Honor system in full effect!

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12 Responses to VIDEO: Identify these nostalgic Nissan race cars by sound

  1. mister k says:

    had trouble since they weren’t screamin’ full throttle!

  2. Randy says:

    Battin’ 1000! Got ’em ALL wrong!

    Now, if only the NEW cars could sound like that, instead of the fartcans.

    Hey — maybe have a that-sounding exhaust available for the IDx; even as dealer-sold parts…

    • Randy says:

      Ooohhhh – available for the new Maxima! — With a stick!

    • John M says:

      It seems like sound is an opportunity that is not being fully optimized. The note of a straight-6 in a JNC may not be able to be replicated in today’s new cars, but if manufacturers are truly interested in creating wakudoki, sound should be an integral part of the equation. Even today’s nondescript, plastic blobs with high waistlines and no personality have potential to create at least some visceral connection with the right sound.

      I have seen guys surround great looking cars, the buzz builds, and a few voices echo, “Let’s hear it!” The car starts up with little more than the whir of a tired Dustbuster. Then, the crowd quiets and slowly drifts out to the darkness like sharks after a frenzy. On the other hand, a bucket that people walked by all night and barely noticed can fire up with a thunderous rumble that immediately ignites high-fives and chest bumping like “Stone Cold” Steve Austin just entered the ring.

      I am sure there are many restrictions on emissions and decibels, but it seems like there is still room for some stunners in today’s market.

      • Randy says:

        Okay, so maybe a bit toned down – a bit – but over on that youtube place, there are vids of 4-banger Cavaliers, etc, with flowmaster 40s that actually sound pretty good. Cavaliers!

        On the now-last Mustang, there was some kind of “sound tube” thing attached to the cowl to replicate the sound of the classics. That’s just too techy for its own good.

        Put a nice, throaty muffler on there, and we’re good. It doesn’t actually have to be loud; it’s the TONE. On an 8, I still like the sound of a Thrush (or 2). Purple Hornies are too, I guess “brash” might be the word, but I’d be willing to explore how they’d sound on a newer vehicle. Plus, that’s just fun to say.

  3. pete240z says:


  4. Garry says:

    Turbo 240RS? Sure about that?

  5. Gary says:

    Picked the 240Z!!! and of course the Prince Skyline

  6. Dchil says:

    Pretty sure that is a B110 sunny.

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