VIDEO: Akio Toyoda travels through time to talk to his grandfather Kiichiro

Apparently, in addition to making cars, Toyota has taken its substantial profits to invent and build a time machine so that its current president, Akio Toyoda, could go back to the 1950s an interview his grandfather, Toyota Motor Corporation. founder Kiichiro Toyoda in a cringeworthy video that basically gets the one car in it completely wrong. 

That’s because the Crown in it was introduced in 1955, whereas Kiichiro Toyoda died in 1952. I suppose if you can build a time machine you can build one big enough to fit a Crown, though. Also, since this video was made for Kiichiro Toyoda’s induction into the Automotive Hall of Fame, which is located in Dearborn Michigan and began as a celebration of Motor City’s influencers, much of the discussion centers around Toyota’s relationship with America. Watching Toyoda play both himself and his grandfather is uncharacteristic of a big CEO, though, but he should probably stick to his day job and leave the acting as a side hustle.

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  1. I have 2 explainations for why they got a car from 1955 and went to 1952.
    A.) Akio is a Dr. Who fan and they fit the Crown into the TARDIS which everyone knows is bigger on the inside.
    B.) They took the Back to the Future route only requires 88 MPH to punch a hole in spacetime. I’m fairly confident that a Toyota Dyna could do that easily and would be a great PR stunt so I’m sure that’s the route they took.

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