MOTORSPORT: 76 Years of Nissan Motorsports

Nissan R382 1969 Japan GP

Watch footage from 76 years of Nissan motorsports, starting with the monopoly-piece looking 1936 Datsun racer to the futuristic 2012 Nissan DeltaWing. The video commemorates the new NISMO headquarters grand opening February 26, which will shift the seat of Nissan’s performance arm from Omori, Tokyo to its new home in Tsurumi, Yokohama (the former location of Nissan R&D).

The move coincides coincide with NISMO’s recently announced brand expansion plans, which will include a road-going version of the NISMO R35 GT-R.

With architecture inspired by a katana, the new motorsports hub is a clear indication of where the brand is headed and Nissan’s plans for paying homage to their heritage and performance roots. Many of the race cars formerly locked away in the private Zama warehouse will be on display here, where enthusiasts will be able to view them up close.

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12 Responses to MOTORSPORT: 76 Years of Nissan Motorsports

  1. mister k says:

    has anyone ever done a comparison to see who was the greater motorsport history, nissan or toyota? i think we already know the answer…

  2. Tofu_Deilvery says:

    yes but at least toyota isn’t owned by frogs (ie, they know how to make cars ppl buy)

  3. Adzmax says:

    I never actually realized that Benjamin. They share the same CEO, but the strategic partnership between Renault and Nissan is not a merger or an acquisition.

  4. Nigel says:

    Looking forward to visiting Nismo HQ, that much more now.
    (If it wasn’t for the rivalry between Nissan & Toyota, we (JNCer’s) would not have so many
    great cars).

  5. John M says:

    Like many Nissan enthusiasts, I have wanted to visit Zama for years. After reading Merlin Blackwell’s article in Nissan Sport last year, my sense of urgency increased. My father-in-law was a Nissan lifer in Yokohama and still lives there. No, that is not why I married my wife, but it didn’t hurt. Anyway, he has been keeping me updated on the dates Zama is open to the public – March 26 and 28 are the next dates. I can’t make it there until June, but hope the dates work out and will definitely add the Katana inspired NISMO HQ to the itinerary.

    Also loved the Nissan/Nismo DNA video, especially the rally cars. I’m not the biggest Violet fan, but seeing one catching air is pretty cool.

  6. NISMO 23 says:

    Very neat video. Thanks for posting. I have almost every Nissan race car featured in the video in 1/43 scale. I should create a virtual NISMO museum.

  7. redtwo says:

    No 240RS..

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