TRD still offers old school desktop wallpapers of Toyota art by Masahisa Higuchi

Are wallpapers still a thing? Japanese websites used to issue loads of them. Now it’s a dying art. We were surprised to learn that TRD still offers a few, though given the subject matter it’s likely these have been hanging out on the internet for a while. Nevertheless, it’s always good to have some A70 Supra art.

The illustrations a continuation of a series by Japanese artist Masahisa Higuchi. We first shared some of his work for Toyota back in 2012 when the original 86 was still fresh and new. Other subjects in the series include a TRD MRS, 86 and Vitz rally cars, a Corolla WRC machine, a Passo European Package (essentially a black roof and spoiler), and a Hiace-based HiMedic ambulance.

Higuchi’s illustrations still have the aura of water color paintings, which is refreshing in an age of digital art. It’s a rarity to find some works intended to serve as wallpaper these days. It almost makes us nostalgic for the faraway time of 2003. If nothing else, installing these images my finally prompt me to clean up the wall-to-wall grid of icons on my desktop.

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4 Responses to TRD still offers old school desktop wallpapers of Toyota art by Masahisa Higuchi

  1. Ken Graham says:

    Nice watercolours, good to see something made by human hands in this day and age.

  2. NSXType-R says:

    Is he the one who did Bow’s Gallery for Honda and the Subaru wallpapers too? I love his art!

  3. Ernie says:

    Wow, Yaris, cool to see the love.

  4. Mark F Newton-John says:

    I remember going to TRD in Los Angeles back around 1980 to get a parts catalog for my TE27-MAQ…

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