Wednesday Wall: Racing Toyotas from TRD

As the Toyota 86 inches closer to its Japanese debut the Aichi mothership is releasing a slew of propaganda. The latest is a series of TRD wallpapers beautifully illustrated by Masahisa Higuchi. They depict the neo-hachiroku and its racing forebears, including the Sports 800, Yatabe speed record 2000GT, and Mobilgas Trial S30 Crown

By the way, the official Japanese Toyota 86 page has launched. You can view its spec sheet and color palette, but the most interesting bit is hidden in the trim levels. The 86 RC gives new meaning to term “base model,” coming in at ¥1,990,000 ($24,844) with black steelies and unpainted front/rear fascias. It’s begging to be tuned, and shows that Toyota gets it.

Speaking of getting it, here’s President Akio Toyoda driving the crap out of a brand new 86 on dirt and snow. How many CEOs do you see yanking e-brakes and cackling like a madman when the tail breaks loose?

[TRD Parts] Hat tip to ProTree.

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9 Responses to Wednesday Wall: Racing Toyotas from TRD

  1. E-AT_me says:

    something tells me the “RC” won’t make it here, but that would be the one i’d buy..

  2. Nigel says:

    Yep, same here “RC” .
    (Hopefully no cupholders).

  3. Lincoln Stax says:

    I guess this puts me third in line for an RC. I see it comes in all seven colors, too.

    サテンホワイトパール Satin White Pearl
    スターリングシルバーメタリック Sterling Silver Metallic
    ダークグレーメタリック Dark Grey Metallic
    クリスタルブラックシリカ Crystal Black Silica
    ライトニングレッド Lightning Red
    オレンジメタリック Orange Metallic
    ギャラクシーブルーシリカ Galaxy Blue Silica

    I’m thinking orange for me.

  4. Krzysiu says:

    It seems that its fairly common in Japan for a manufacturer to produce vehicles in a “base trim” like the aforementioned so they are ready to be customized for track duties. I doubt we will see this trim stateside though I’m sure we will see that pricetag on whatever base model we do receive. I personally plan to wait till the market has been flooded with used models which I will gladly snatch up at a further discounted price.

    • Eric says:

      That price tag is a brilliant price here in Australia.

      Although I doubt we’ll get such a good deal, itll be like $35-38k.

  5. Tyler says:

    RC looks fun. Just buy your wheels, tires and bumpers and go racing! Too bad it doesn’t have a cage.

    And I’m glad we probably won’t get it because you just KNOW the ricer kids would get the cheapest model and leave it like that.

    Waiting for the Subaru page…

  6. john says:

    “The 86 RC gives new meaning to term “base model,” coming in at ¥1,990,000 ($24,844) with black steelies and unpainted front/rear fascias”

    That seems overpriced. Hopefully that’s a conversion factor problem and the base model won’t be $25k when it goes on sale here. If so, I don’t think they’ll sell as many as they need to.

    If there’s a $20-22k base model version, I am buying one. For serious. 🙂

    • Krzysiu says:

      I agree about the price considering that in 08 I bought a 350z with 63 miles for $27.9k. Granted those were different times (read: pre-recession)… It just seams strange to me that I could only pay $2000 less for a car that is supposed to be considered a base model compared to the Z which at that time was considered one of the few true sportscars from Japan. In fact, I seem to remember my s13 priced at about 14k (again, different times) and it sounds like that even had more creature comforts than this particular trim of the car. Imo

  7. carina says:

    $ 20-22k would be awesome, here toyota IQ base costs more and . Hmmm, which one I would take??? I bet it would cost atleast double of that in Finland, if we even get those…

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