Toyota teams up with streetwear brand Huf for 70s-inspired swag

Toyota is teaming up with streetwear brand Huf on a new line of apparel. Said to be inspired by 70s graphics, the clothes and accessories feature heaps of Toyota trucks and plenty of the red-orange-yellow tricolor. Some of the designs are pretty cool, but most of the vehicles depicted hail from the 80s and 90s. Is this cool? We are too old to know. Maybe you can tell us.

In case you’re not familiar — don’t feel bad; we had to google it — Huf is a clothing brand with its roots in the skateboarding world. It’s collaborated before with street artists and other brands such as Dickies and Marvel Comics to create limited edition items for consumption by hypebeast.

The clothes in the TRD collab feature mostly Toyota trucks — pickups, 4Runners, and Ivan Stewart Baja racers. We suppose this makes some sense, because there’s probably a not insignificant overlap in the Venn diagram of skaters and Toyota truck owners.

“Built from hand-drawn illustrations that call back to old-school sketchbooks, workwear and mechanic styles, and under-the-hood schematics, HUF × TRD creates a modern apparel and accessory collection that brings off-road style to a new arena,” says the press release.

Beyond T-shirts and jackets, the line includes accessories like trucker hats, collectible pins, or a whole ass rug shaped like a 1980s 2WD XtraCab. There are also baggy pants printed with 4Runners that we are definitely not cool enough to pull off.

The items go on sale on the HUF Worldwide website on November 9 and at HUF retail locations.

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Images courtesy of Toyota.


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3 Responses to Toyota teams up with streetwear brand Huf for 70s-inspired swag

  1. Tofu Delivery says:

    This is dumb. I love the idea of a Toyota/TRD fashion line but why would I want it to say HUF all over the place…?

  2. Chris says:


    Says literally “worldwide” on each item and is not available outside the US…

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