Toyota Land Cruiser returning to the US market

Toyota quietly made if official late last night. The venerable Land Cruiser is making a comeback to the US market. After departing our shores at the end of 2021, it will be returning for what is likely the 2024 model year. Toyota announced its return on social media with a post showing classic Land Cruiser badges and the caption, “Nothing better than a comeback story. The legend returns…”

Details are scarce, but what we’re getting is likely not the J300 Land Cruiser that the rest of the world has received since 2022. The only way to get that in the States is the Lexus LX600. Chances are, it’ll be a variant of the Land Cruiser Prado that forms the basis for the recently revealed Lexus GX. Or, if we get really lucky maybe Toyota will bring over the J70 re-released in Japan.

Just kidding, that’s just wishful thinking. We’re betting on the Prado, which means the Land Cruiser may return, to a degree, to its more utilitarian and less luxurious roots as a go-anywhere 4×4. It’ll be less expensive than the GX but still serve as the SUV flagship of the Toyota brand above the Sequoia. With Sequoia prices starting at $59,000-ish, The Cruiser won’t be cheap, but at least it’ll be less than the $86,000 base price of the J200.

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2 Responses to Toyota Land Cruiser returning to the US market

  1. jim simpson says:

    Will be interesting to see what they release here… in a world seemingly dominated by the release of new electric vehicles it would be nice to see a more traditional type of power plant.

  2. Alan says:

    If it’s not a 70-Series single-cab with a V8 turbodiesel and a 5-speed IDGAF. This 50-cal machinegun isn’t going to propel itself.

    Really, a Prado variant in the U.S. is intriguing, but I’m holding out hope that the 300 is coming as well.

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