Toyota Land Cruiser 70 and 80 added to Heritage Parts program, taking requests for FJ60

From the Tokyo Auto Salon, Toyota has announced that the Land Cruiser J70 and J80 have been added to their Heritage Parts Program. Additionally, Toyota is taking requests for the FJ60 and has added a slew of new items to the existing pool of FJ40 parts. Meanwhile, the AE86, Supra, and 2000GT receive some new bits as well.

As with most models new to the Heritage Parts Program — which falls under the purview of Akio Toyoda’s Gazoo Racing division — the 70- and 80-series Land Cruisers will start off slow. Toyota initially plans to reissue only the rear axle shaft for the J70 and J80, which will be available in April 2023.

The FJ40 was welcomed into the program in August 2021 on the 70th anniversary of the Land Cruiser. Parts began as a trickle as well and it’s still not a flood per se, but the FJ40 does comprise the largest batch of new heritage parts announced at TAS. See below for a list of parts.

If there’s anything you need but don’t see, Toyota is taking requests. There is a separate parts request form for Land Cruisers and one that covers the AE86, Supra, and 2000GT.  Remember, these small batches of parts are incredibly difficult for Toyota to produce, and if there isn’t enough interest they will simply stop the program. So make your voice heard!

Parts included in todays announcement at the Tokyo Auto Salon:

  • FJ40: Disc brake cylinder, brake tube, windshield wiper pivot cap, proportioning & bypass valve, shift lever spring seat, shift lever cap, outer mirror gasket, rear wheel brake cylinder, brake master cylinder, windshield weather strip, front drive dust Covers, wiper arms, wiper arm head covers
  • AE86: Fuel tank filler pipe hose, proportioning valve, propeller shaft, clearance lamp
  •  A70 Supra: Drive shafts, drive shaft boot kits, cooler evaporators, radiator outlet hoses, radiator O-rings, water bypass hoses, brake master cylinders, power steering hoses, headlamp mounting rings, license plate lamps)
  • A80 Supra: Back door glass
  • 2000GT: Clutch disc, clutch cover
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2 Responses to Toyota Land Cruiser 70 and 80 added to Heritage Parts program, taking requests for FJ60

  1. f31roger says:

    I am so happy to here this!

    I hope heritage programs are extended to a lot of cars.

  2. Franz Wilder says:

    I am very glad sito Toyota’s heritage program!

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