Tokyo Motor Show: Mikuni will make these throttle bodies if there’s enough interest

One of the interesting things about the Tokyo Motor Show that you don’t see in other major shows in LA or New York is that many major suppliers have booths too. The Mikuni Corporation is still alive and well, and makes a variety of parts for OEMs, like intake manifolds, variable valve timing systems, and many of the pumps electronic pumps and valves that are found on new cars today. However, the thing at their booth that caught our eye was the L-series setup with a small placard that said “prototype” on it. 

Though our Japanese was limited, what we gather is that currently it is only a prototype independent injection throttle body for old Mikuni-Solex setups, and they will make it if there is enough interest. Mikuni says it would be for a motorsports application and general straight-six configurations. It’s not specifically for the L-series, but clearly they know how popular it would be with old Fairlady Z and Skyline owners.

When we inquired about whether the N44 and N50 PHH carbs on display, the representative chuckled and shook his head as if to say, “Not in your wildest dreams.” The same reaction was given when we asked about the intake manifolds and headers. We think he said something about them being for display only. Oh well, you can’t blame us for trying.

You can, however, still get reproduction float assemblies for N50 carbs.

Mikuni still makes carbs, but for motorcycle and marine applications only. They had a few sets of sexy side-drafts on display, and a similar throttle body setups for both carb and fuel injection.

There was even a cool cutaway showing the carb’s innards.

Mikuni’s motto for the show is “Making Dreams Exciting Reality.” For what its worth, we still enjoy the old Mikuni logo and colors. The only vehicles on display were Takeru Murase’s Suzuki GSX-R and a matching pocket bike in pretty company livery.

The Mikuni representative we spoke with seemed surprised when we said L-series setups would be popular in the US. Would you buy the L-series throttle body (or any other product) if they made it? Tell us in the comments what would make your dreams an exciting reality.

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26 Responses to Tokyo Motor Show: Mikuni will make these throttle bodies if there’s enough interest

  1. Jim Simspson says:

    Love to see this happen…

  2. i would absolutely buy it if it was street legal over here 🙂

    They should check the market Prices for old PHH carbs tho and rethink their choice to not produce the PHH carbs or parts anymore…

  3. datsone says:

    L yes! ?

  4. J. Ortiz says:

    You bet your *ss I would

  5. Steve says:

    Thanks for trying. I’d buy a pair of 44PHH if they started reproducing them.

  6. Chase says:

    Jenvey has a really nice ITB setup available now that is designed to look like the old school carbs. Personally I think it’s the best looking ITB design you can get, mounting the injector harness underneath hides any indication that it’s an EFI system. They claim the ITBs are physically the same as the carb setups which means you can run with your existing manifold.

  7. Shandawg says:

    I’d buy a pair for my L20b build if the price was reasonable

  8. I would love to see these come to America! It would a massive improvement over the mechanical injection on 280zxs or having to run carbs which a lot of people don’t like.

  9. Adrian says:

    I want a pair for my Austin mini build. Hope to make it for sema. JP mini style

  10. Negishi no Keibajo says:

    Simply, yes. What a great way to update a vintage!

  11. David Garcia says:

    Please make these available I would buy a set.

  12. malik says:

    Yes if they made a sidedraft setup for my naps Z.

  13. Waldos_BlueBerry_Te says:

    Make them for 1.8 3tc’s I’m tired of those overpriced hammy down carbs

  14. Waldos_BlueBerry_Te says:

    Make them for 1.8 3tc’s I’m tired of those overpriced hammy down carbs.

  15. It would probably be worth the time in the doghouse to get a set for my Z.

  16. Skylines&Zs says:

    Yes both the 44 & 50 would be popular among true L engine fans

  17. Iceman says:

    I would be interested in the ITBs for my street 510. Also possibly carbs if they were manufactured. I still greatly regret selling my brand-new set of 44s back a few years when I needed the money.

  18. pete240z says:

    There is a warehouse in Schaumburg, Illinois marked as Mikuni American Corporation – I drive by it a lot and some days want to stop and go in and ask if I could get a tour of what they have. LOL

  19. F1sh says:

    sign me up.

  20. Mike says:

    Would love to see mikuni support and continue to make parts for the old soles mikuni PHH 40 & 44s as well as offer the ITB set up. JDM and the L series motors are only getting more popular increasing interest and demand.

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