The Toyota MR2 strikes again in Eurovision 2023 and synth-laden music video

The AW11 Toyota MR2 has long been the car of choice for electronica-influenced bands. Maybe it’s something about the angular wedge shape and flip-up headlights that make it the go-to. Last week we posted about one of the most memorable scenes from 90s Japanese TV in which two MR2-driving lovers stop in the middle of Shibuya Crossing to make out. Commenters Mick and Greyfox then alerted us to the fact that A-dubs had been heavily favored by the Australian nu-metal band Voyager, most recently in the 2023 Eurovision contest.

Here’s the band representing Oz with the song “Promise” about a week ago during the global singing competition. They even bring the AW11 on stage with them. The concert took place in Liverpool, UK which makes the presence all the more impressive because they managed too find an almost identical car halfway around the world.

Here’s Voyager’s original use of the AW11, for the music video to “Colours”. Here the lead singer calls a ride-hailing company and the driver shows up in the MR2. This video looks to have been filmed in Australia so it’s likely a different car than the one in Eurovision. It has different wheels as well.

The AW11 also starred in “Nightdrive” by Mary PopKids in 2014 and “In for the Kill” by La Roux in 2010. So it’s basically been the de facto cool car for electronic bands for 13 years now. That’s a pretty good run.

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5 Responses to The Toyota MR2 strikes again in Eurovision 2023 and synth-laden music video

  1. Nigel says:

    The AW11 looks like it came straight out of Akira (the anime).
    Except the AW11 was out before the film.

  2. Nigel says:

    Music is a bit like Tears for Fears meet Joe Joe Satriani.

  3. Ian N says:

    Yay – one of our home-grown bands here in Perth. By the looks of the price per litre of petrol (gas) – 145.9 cents, it was filmed a while ago!

    • Mark F Newton-John says:

      For a short time when gas exceeded $1.00/gallon, the gas pumps weren’t made to handle above 99c/gal, so some stations changed to liters.

  4. CycoPablo says:

    The Promise clip has animated road screen under the car and combined with most of the background imagery is pure synthwave.

    The car in the Colours vid wears what appear to be awful 17s, probably 205 tyres at least. Interesting (and clenching) to drive in the wet for sure! There was a Perth AW11 that wore Simmons modular wheels at my mechanic on one visit (2004-05). It made an impression because the 4A-GZE was out for rebuild. Wheels were polished outers and gold mesh centres, 15x7s (F195, R205).
    Man, looked sweet.

    Music, meh.

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