The 3D Nostalgic Artwork of Ota Takashi

ota takashi datsun 510 nissan bluebird
We know you’re all craving the soothing flavor of carrot shochu, but alas, limited edition bottles of Kimi Kurasu Machi have either sold out or were unavailable in your prefecture to begin with. What now? Calm your nerves with the lovely artwork of Ota Takashi.

ota takashi toyota sports 800

There was something strangely captivating about the illustrations on the Kimi Kurasu Machi labels. That’s because they weren’t illustrations at all, but three-dimensional dioramas made from paper cutouts.

ota takashi honda civic

JNCer JT191 was able follow the rabbit hole to Ota Takashi, a Japanese artist who specializes in creating scenes in which vintage cars take center stage.

ota takashi honda s600

These images are from his Nostalgic World series, a name we can’t help but love. Each one is indeed brimming with nostalgia, and absolutely gorgeous to behold. Takashi-san has contributed his work to Japan’s Car Graphic magazine and had his work displayed at Toyota’s MegaWeb showroom. You can buy his 2009 calendar from Lindbergh or his book, Paper Museum, from Amazon.

Unfortunately, the only images available are rather small but the detail is amazing, and so are the J-tin references. Can you identify them all?

[Images: Japan Arts & Crafts, Aeropres, Panasonic, Chofu Culture Community, ndo2004]

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6 Responses to The 3D Nostalgic Artwork of Ota Takashi

  1. sr-fairladyz says:

    Holy Amazing! I can’t believe he made those things out of cardboard lol. I like the troubled FTO with the Sakura backdrop.

  2. bert says:

    These pictures are really cool, I just have one complaint……those RX8’s aren’t J-tin, they’re J-plastic!

    That Sorts 800 is awesome! So is the plane! Heck, they’re all awesome!

  3. G-zilla says:

    I would love wallpapers from these.

  4. Lincoln Stax says:

    I was a little disappointed by how small they are, too, but the concept is unique and the artwork is beautifully done.

  5. Nigel says:

    Difficult to think of anything to say.

    Awestruck comes to mind…

  6. Jake says:

    I spy some A-Tin (A for American) too! 3 50s vintage Corvettes!

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