Tamiya Radio Control Toyota Hilux is Back

When were were young all we got in terms of radio controlled vehicles was a crappy G.I. Joe-branded Jeep that broke within three hours of its emergence from the box. It sat there, mocking us with its uselessness, for the rest of our childhood and was probably the reason we never got into hard core r/c-ing. Fortunately, not all of our readers had such poor experiences with their EM wave-guided minicars.

From the JNC Tasmanian Devil Bureau, seventhskyline brings us news that the Tamiya 3-speed Hilux is back. We have to admit we didn’t even know it was here the first time, but apparently it had such a following that even after it went out of production it was still trading as high as $1200 Australian, which at today’s exchange rates equals about, oh, $1200 American. Then stationwagonguy went and dug up this awesome vintage commercial in which 14 Tamiya Hiluxes pull one 1:1 scale Hilux. Dammit, G.I. Joe Jeep, see what you made us miss out on?

Also, first JNC’er who can name the white car in the Tamiya building parking lot gets an invisible cookie.

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3 Responses to Tamiya Radio Control Toyota Hilux is Back

  1. leongsoon says:

    Er, a 4-door C10 Skyline?

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  3. bert says:

    No matter how big or small, Toyota beats them all!

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