SSR MK-I deep dish wheel goes back into production with a limited run of 600 units

SSR will soon be putting its game-changing wheel, the SSR MK-I in deep-dish spec, back into production for a limited run. How limited? There will be only 600 units made, enough to make only 150 sets of four. SSR’s now-parent company, Tanabe, says it is remanufacturing the iconic wheel due to high demand from nostalgic car fans.

Back in 1971, Speed Star Racing developed Japan’s first 3-piece aluminum wheels. The SSR MkI was their first production model. The simple, no-spoke design quickly became a favorite among tuners, especially in ultra-wide lip specification, and changed the course of Japanese wheel history.

The remanufactured SSR MK-I wheels will come in only diameter, 14 inches. However, widths will range from 8.5J to  12.0J, with either 4- or 5-lug patterns in 100, 110, or 114.3 PCD. Of course, custom PCDs are available for an extra charge. There will be three inner rim widths, with offsets ranging from -6  to -50, and rim depths ranging from 118 to 182 mm. You can also choose between two styles of center cap, the old Speed Star logo or the helmeted driver. Two valve stem types are also available, as are two thread pitches for the nuts and studs that go around the circumference. You can find more details on this SSR PDF document.

All the wheels will be made-to-order and will range from ¥59,400 ($465 USD) )to ¥67,100 ($525 USD) depending on size. The aforementioned custom PCDs will cost an extra ¥3,000 ($25 USD). Orders will be taken starting at 10:00am Japan Time on May 9.

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4 Responses to SSR MK-I deep dish wheel goes back into production with a limited run of 600 units

  1. Alan says:

    It amazes me how structurally integral these rims are. I’m used to seeing regular rims & to see something deep like that, my first thought is the weight of the vehicle might bend the rim overtime, but, I don’t know. They’re super cool to look at though!

  2. kyushanerd says:

    Where those actually used in racing or were it just tuners using them? Ive seen a Daihatsu mira l55 in a Oh!My街道レーサー magazine with 10″ SSR mk1’s and it looked really nice.

  3. JG4 says:

    How do can one place an order for these?

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