SHOP LIFE: The return of Racing Mate

Racing Mate, the Japanese motorsport accessories company, founded in the 1960s by race car drivers Soukichi Shikiba and Tokudaiji Aritsune, is back. While the relaunch has been planned as early as 2013, they have just recently released the first complete kit, and it’s for the retro-styled Honda N-One

Racing Mate Honda N360 ad

This makes perfect sense, as in their previous incarnation the Honda N360 was a favorite Racing Mate tuning platform. The product line wasn’t just limited to parts, either. Attire for the proper gentleman or lady racer — helmets, racing suits, gloves, goggles and wristwatches — was also part of the catalog.

The new kit includes a body kit, an ECU plug-in chip for a slight power boost and improved throttle responses, and “Maxilite” wheels offered in 16 and 17-inch diameters. Perhaps even more interesting, however, is their next project, currently codenamed 1026. 1026 was the internal project name for the Honda S660.

There is something uniquely Japanese about tuning a 67hp kei car, and it’s good to see Racing Mate is staying true to its roots. For a deeper history on the company, check out Ben’s Racing Mate history piece from when we introduced our tribute decal.

Photos courtesy of Racing Mate.

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6 Responses to SHOP LIFE: The return of Racing Mate

  1. Dankan says:

    Very cool, although I’d prefer some suspension parts rather than body kit stuff. It’s a real pity the new Fit didn’t take more of the N-One’s retro-style too.

    • Censport says:

      We have an N-ONE in Japan that I drive during my visits. Fully loaded with turbo, sport suspension, and lots of accessories. The factory/dealer-offered sport suspension makes a world of difference. Can’t say how it affects the ride quality though as I’ve only driven it in Japan, so I’ve yet to hit any significant bumps.

  2. Dave Yuan says:

    Maxilite, that’s awesome! I want this.

  3. Thomas says:

    Man I would love to buy this for the wife…and ya know….drive it myself from time to time 😀

  4. Ramón Mora says:

    Lovely !!! Can you send me one by FedEx ?? 🙂

  5. Wayne Thomas says:

    There is something uniquely Japanese about tuning a 67hp kei car,


    Yes, no other advanced country would tolerate such pathetic numbers in 2015. If is far past time for Japan to allow a kei to be 1000cc. But, it is far past time for Japan to allow a lot of things so this is far down on the the list.

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