Ryu Asada Memorial Drive + Fundraiser announcement

Please come out and help us honor a great man and support a great charity. Click here for details. ?

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6 Responses to Ryu Asada Memorial Drive + Fundraiser announcement

  1. harshith says:

    RIP in RYU

  2. Chris Scott says:

    I wish I was in the US to attend. I’m in the UK. Spoke with Ryu many times regarding my NSX. Model making and of course Hot wheels. He will be missed. What a down to earth guy he was. I’ll pay my respects with a big drive out in my NSX.

    May he rest easy.

  3. Ryan says:

    Rest in piece Ryu

  4. rchen says:

    I’d like to contribute to the CC Alliance, is the ordering page for the decal available online? My heartfelt thoughts and condolences to Ryu’s family.

  5. Stoney Bracamonte says:

    I’m assuming the sticker will not be available online as stated plz.lmk ..thank you ??

  6. f31roger says:

    Man.. RIP to a HERO!!!

    I wish I could have participated in the event. Looked really cool.

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