Rumored 2011 Nissan Silvia Styled After Foria Concept

Nissan is not about to sit idly by and let the Toyota FT-86 and Honda CR-Z steal all the retro car resurrection glory. Rumor has it that Nissan will bring back the Nissan Silvia come 2011 or 2012. There’s been buzz about such a comeback for several years now, but perhaps Toyota/Subaru, Honda, and even Hyundai are lighting a fire under Nissan’s ass.

Edmunds says the next Silvia will be a 2+2 built on the current Nissan 370Z and Infiniti G37 platform, weighing in at 2800 pounds and powered by a 1.8-liter turbo four. But rather than go back to the 80s like Toyota and Honda, styling will be based on the Nissan Foria Concept from the 2005 Tokyo Motor Show (above left). To our eyes, that hearkens all the way back to the 1965 CSP311 Nissan Silvia Coupe. Keep your fingers crossed, folks, and we might just see an all out war for sports coupe supremacy once again.

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21 Responses to Rumored 2011 Nissan Silvia Styled After Foria Concept

  1. BlownArrow! says:

    Wow that’s really cuul…. I want the one on the Right!:-P

  2. Oyaji Gaijin says:

    From the belt line (the crease that runs from the headlight to the tail light below the window line) down, it looses all reference to the original car. The grille, headlights, tail lights, and front fascia make no reference to the original car. And it lost the beautiful chisel line that runs across the peak of the fender, under the windows, and wraps up the forward edge of the C pillar. They also seem to have wrung out all of the 60’s Italian Coupe-ness. It’s not a retro design, but it’s not as aesthetically challenged as most of the other cars in current production. They might think of a lighter weight/duty chassis than the Z/Murano chassis, that’s overkill for a four cylinder, and the structure could be even smaller if it didn’t need to support the extra several hundred pounds of structure needed for a Z or off roader.

  3. hawaii_se-r says:

    Being a Nissan fan, I’m not impressed at all. I think it looks like something that would come out of Detroit (and not in a good way… if there is a good way).

    How about Nissan making a modern/retro 510? or simply bringing in the Silvia the way it is overseas?

  4. Lukas says:

    That´s a nice idea but in Europe, nobody knows about the old Silvia so nobody will recognise the new one as a retro-mobile. But I bet it will not be available in Europe anyways, will it? I hope we get the FT-86, but even that´s not for certain.

  5. Apart from a slight similarity of the roof turret/glasshouse and general proportions, none of it looks like it was inspired by the original CSP311. The front grill and headlights would look more at home on a Toyota.

  6. sr-fairladyz says:

    No sir, I don’t like it. It’s horrid looking and I can only hope that the next 3-4yrs will completely revamp the design. It looks more like a Jr. Cadillac then a S16 Silvia. I HATE IT! o.k., I’m done.

  7. bert says:

    The Z platform is actually heavier with the 370Z body on it, and even more so with the G37 body, weighing in at over 3,000lbs. A turbo four should pull this thing along just fine, with performance maybe comparable to the last Silvia. As for the styling, many have tried and many have failed, but nobody seems to be able to recapture the glory days! Besides this new concept looks like it’s trying to be a four door.

  8. GEN2TWINCAM says:


    Not a nostalgic.
    Remember; car companies (like movie makers) resurrect names to attract the attention of those who remember the originals. Not that they aren’t decent cars – I guess I’m just getting a bit weary of the marketing approach.

    2,800 lbs:
    2,000 lbs of car
    800 lbs of air bags, cup holders, sat nav, vanity mirrors…

  9. jimbob_racing says:

    It’s not a coupe! It looks like it has those damn suicide rear doors that curse the RX-8, the FJ Cruiser and all sorts of other vehicles.

    Note to car manufacturers: a coupe has two doors, a sedan has four. If I want a coupe, I only want two doors. If I want easy access to the rear seats, I’ll buy a frigging sedan! Stop making all the sporty cars fat and heavy with all this fluff. Give us the stripped down, good handling cars that built your reputations not some marketing departments wet dream filled with power everything and no excitement.

  10. F3ARED says:

    Compared to how dramatic the S15 looked….what a disapointment.

    Im not what youd call a Nissan fan, but one look, followed by one drive, and i fell for the S15.

  11. AK says:

    I wish they’d give it more of a Lancia Fulvia flavor … that Foria is homley, to put it mildly.

  12. cesariojpn says:

    Why did you post a Chrysler Seabring?

  13. Lincoln Stax says:

    If Nissan does bring out a new Sylvia, it’s not going to be another CSP311, so get over it. I like the look of the Fiore concept, but it’s highly unlikely it’s going to be the new Sylvia. There may be some familiarity in the turret roof design, but it will likely be a complete new design.

  14. colink says:

    Dont like that one bit

  15. G-zilla says:


  16. Zukiru says:

    why can’t anybody seem to make a 2 door…. tired of the mini suicides…

  17. Sarcasmo says:

    Why don’t they just make a mildly restyled version of the S15 Silvia(one of the best designed Nissans ever).. sorta what Dodge made with the new 2009 Challenger. A copy of the original car, but enhanced to fit into the new millenium. That thing looks like a Chevy Volt or new version of the Corvair.. and both of those are FUGLY.

  18. mlmsilvias14 says:

    VERY UGLY!!!!!!

  19. danfiveten says:

    God why cant they just bring back the 510, i would sell my alti se-r in a heartbeat at a major loss for a new 510, why doesnt nissan just learn.

  20. Gary Butler says:

    I think that you should bring back the 240sx/silvia with the 370z platform and turbo charge it of course. Next thing is the motor, well 2.5L as in the same engine as the nissan altima coupe. ( watch this video to the end. That is how the 240sx should look. Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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