A deep dive into the ever-evolving Hakosuka Skyline of Roy de Guzman

We’ve been on a long journey with our friend Roy de Guzman, one of the first Americans to ever own a Hakosuka Skyline. We first met Roy back when JNC was on paper and Roy’s car was all white. We revisited the car when it was made into Hot Wheels form. The ever-changing Hako is now in its nth and arguably best iteration, powered by a turbocharged and carbureted L28 and wearing one of the more elegantly subtle Rocket Bunny kits out there.

This time around the deep dive is done by Nicole Johnson, whose YouTube channel highlights a wide range of subjects from American hot rods to off-road beasts. This is the first RHD car she’s featured, and we couldn’t think of a better candidate.

It’s always great to see people discover the charms of the classic Skyline, and Roy’s own tale of how he came to acquire his Hakosuka almost 20 years ago is just as entertaining. The 30-minute video is an excellent watch, better than many of the so-called professional car shows out there. So if you’re looking for something to watch instead of freezing your toes off outside, give this one a view.

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  1. Nigel says:

    Need a Hot Wheels variation of of the Hako in this paint color.

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