QotW: Would you buy a new electric car with with retro JNC styling?

Brandon’s question last week about the electric JNC was especially prescient, because just a day after he posted it Honda went and unveiled a retro-styled electric car. Jaguar, too, has unveiled an electric E-type, one with not just a retro design but a completely classic bod. Of course, Toyota did this five years ago with an electric 2000GT, but perhaps the sponsor stickers and modern wheels detracted from the end result. Like it or not, it seems even the world of classics is moving towards electrification.

Would you buy a new electric car with retro JNC styling?

The most entertaining comment by next Monday will receive a prize. Scroll down to see the winner of last week’s QotW, “Would you EV your JNC?” 

We were actually rather surprised at your responses from last week. For every staunch no, there were JNCers open to the idea. We especially enjoyed the back and forth between CobaltFire and Randy. There is no shortage of diversity in the JNC world, and that is frankly one of the things that makes this community great. However, we could pick only one winner, and so that honor goes to Jeremy A.

If I could do something like plug a Leaf battery pack and put a Leaf motor under the hood, I’d electrify my Z. The 100% torque at 0 RPM would make it a gas to drive, and having the motor routed through the existing transmission and drivetrain would keep it fun to drive. Sure, I would at times miss the roar of the inline 6 and the scream of the turbo, but when it was new in 1983, it was one of the ‘bubble cars’ full of the latest technology. I don’t think it violates the spirit of what Nissan was doing to give it a significant upgrade like that, which stays in the vein of being a high technology but very sporting car.

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15 Responses to QotW: Would you buy a new electric car with with retro JNC styling?

  1. BlitzPig says:

    Not only no, but hell no.

    Jaguar has recently shown a full electric conversion of a Series 1.5 E Type Open Two Seater, and I can only ask why? The soul of that car is ti’s engine, just as is the Toyota 2000 GT. If you take the soul from a car what is left?

    A Prius in wolf’s clothing.

    Nothing more.

  2. Khoua says:

    Yes, I would. With more and more electric cars sprouting about, I would. Hell, I’d get the 2025 Eclipse PHEV if it came in AWD. Just imagine how many heads you’d turn if the Eclipse had nearly 2/3 of the power as the Tesla P100D. I remember when you launched the 1g DSMs, the window wipers would go off. Imagine the 2025 Eclipse doing just that but instead of your window wipers, it’d be your eyes going off because of that awd launch, haha.

  3. I’ve actually been toying with bringing a Fiat 500E up here to MN. After driving my friend’s car, it is second only to the 500 Abarth for small Italian hatchback fun.

    I have nothing against EVs, they’re the future and the future with electric cars is not at all bleak.

    • Scotty G says:

      Amen, brother.
      Still my favorite quote of all time, to paraphrase Hank Ford: “If I would have asked people what they wanted they would have said faster horses.”

  4. glenn says:

    Yes! Find a great shell, chassis, whatever with a blown engine and do a weird conversion! Would be so fun and have the strangest sounds and quirks which definitely fit into the idea of owning an old jtin.

  5. Yuri says:

    That really depends on two things.
    The first being what you mean by “retro styling.” If it’s like Honda’s new concept they just unveiled, then yes, that would be fantastic. It throws back to the heritage of the old, but it’s still something brand new and exciting. If it were just a copy of a previous JNC model, it would seem a bit off.
    The second issue is how advanced the powertrain is by then. I enjoy driving the touge, but I find that when I take my hybrid daily driver (a ZF2 Honda CRZ 6-speed with r-compounds and upgraded brakes) to the local canyons I take a huge performance hit because the regenerative braking can’t keep up with keeping the battery charged on a tight technical touge. If I were to go full electric, I’d want to be sure that the car could spend a day in the canyons, and still be able to get me home. My CRZ is fantastic around town, and handles great in the canyons, but it’s reliance on it’s battery pack to provide enough power has made me decide to trade it in next year on an 86 twin just to get everything I need out of a vehicle.

  6. Banpei says:

    I would say it depends… I like retro styled cars and I certainly would like to buy one of done properly. For instance the Honda concept you refer to certainly appeals to me, but I would rather have it feature something VTEC than EV. But that’s my personal taste.
    On the other hand, certain 60s/70s/80s cars were already futuristic in when they were designed and crammed full of all sorts of new technology and gadgets. Good examples works be the Toyota 2000GT, MR2 AW11 and the Nissan Skyline C210 (turbo) or DR30. If a new car would receive retro styling inspired by one of these, I’d definitely consider buying it!

  7. Daniel Vega says:

    If I could find a convenient kit that is pretty comparable to an sr20 for my 510
    I wouldn’t mind
    price range, maintenance fees similar also
    why not

  8. daniel says:

    mazda can do it.
    best of both words: rotary extended range (powered by hidrogen) and electric divetrain, in a neo rx 7 (maybe the last concept of mazda rx-vision?) and everybody make a zoom zoom electric day.

  9. sedanlover says:

    Yes I would. Simple. The future is on it’s way. Might as well embrace it.

    Now, this is not to say let’s convert all JNC’s to hybrids/electric cars, no way. Keep the history as it was/is. I just like the idea of having both in the garage.

  10. jivecom says:

    Absolutely, as long as I can still terrorise the highways with it. Black it all out, toast some WRX-driving dorks at nighttime stoplight drags, and make a legend of yourself as the silent king of the low-speed overtake. Move over, Blackbird – Luna Moth is coming for you

  11. Geoff says:

    As long as there aren’t any dopey iPads or whatever in the dash, I don’t see any reason why not.

    It’s going to happen eventually, might as well jump on the bandwagon.

  12. thelacerati says:

    Yes, absolutely, without question. Please.

  13. Dimitry says:

    Hmmm…well, a year, heck, a month ago I would’ve said a stern no to any electric monstrosity I saw, but seeing the retro Civic changed my mind. Completely.
    I would buy that Civic in a heartbeat. I would buy any TE style EV Corolla in a heartbeat. I would buy any proper retro styled EV this way. Now, that’s marketing! Good job Honda.

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