QotW: What’s your JNC New Year resolution?

Shogatsu, or New Year, is the most important holiday of the Japanese calendar, as important as Christmas in the US. It’s a chance to get a fresh new start on life, which perhaps means finally getting around to that project. In which case, we wish you an auspicious 2017!

What’s your JNC New Year resolution?

As always, the most entertaining comment by next Monday will receive a prize. Scroll down to see the winner of last week’s QotW, “What part of 2016 are you most eager to forget?” 

In a year full of sad celebrity deaths and the demise of at least one car from a JNC contributor, 2016 was a crap year. As people who can sympathize with the loss of a beloved vehicle, we are just going to do Bryan a solid and send him some stickers for his next ride.

All i really wish to forget is the car crash that we experienced this weekend, although no one was injured badly, the stress we faced, and the burden of placing my friends in danger is really wish hadn’t happened

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11 Responses to QotW: What’s your JNC New Year resolution?

  1. Kieron says:

    My JNC new years resolution is to do move my car home so that in the first time in the (almost) 3 years of ownership I won’t be a 186 mile round trip away. Maybe 2017 is the year that my P510 Bluebird SSS Coupe actually get’s restored.

  2. Ant says:

    My resolution is to win some JNC stickers with a witty and insightful comment to one of these QotWs, naturally…

    …but I also plan to “finish” (insofar as such a term applies to the never-ending canvas that is a car) my Eunos Roadster. Which means a roll bar, suspension, a few engine tweaks and fitting the new seats I’ve owned for about six months but not yet installed.

  3. longlivekel says:

    My JNC resolution. Get this dam.n Mazda carol painted and running!

  4. Finish my engine swaps.

  5. Andrij says:

    Mine was not to have a new years resolution, but have changed it. Mine is to find either an MS4X/5X Crown wagon to restore, or a nice 1980-1990 Hilux to restore and slightly modify. If those 2 do not pan out, maybe find a KE25 🙂

  6. _John says:

    Mine is to get my car back into a running state. Got a 93% done anyone swap but was on hold as I moved to the city and worked full time while going to school. Than we had a kid. But now we live in a house where I have my own garage and the car is no longer in storage. I’m also due to finish my bachelor’s this spring so hopefully I’ll finally have some car time. Got another kid on the way tho so who knows.

  7. CobaltFire says:

    To get my S30 back on the road so that I can make some memories in it with my daughter, doing daddy and daughter stuff (Sunday trips, Jiu Jitsu class, road trips, etc.) and just maybe get the next generation interested in JNC’s.

  8. 615 says:

    get my rx7 running, it’s been almost 4 years now!

  9. Geoff says:

    Gonna enjoy the 240Z without guilt. Got to wrap up the vapor tank hose routing, then it’ll be “finished” (for now).

    The 300ZX is going to get a new EFI wiring harness, an AEM ECU, and an appropriate tune on MAP sensor.

  10. Socarboy says:

    My 2017 resolution is to put my my acquired in 2016 future JNC a 1999 Toyota Tacoma regular cab pickup back to its original condition…he’s a little runner that I put $700 worth of parts on from June thru August and I’ll NEVER get rid of my new daily work friend.

  11. CelicArt says:

    Bought a 1975 TE31 about three and a half years ago, I wanted to have it ready for it’s 40th b-day on 2015, but for a number of reasons it didn’t happen. I wanted to have it done as a self Christmas present but getting parts from country to country took longer than expected. Just got the parts yesterday in the mail as well as some stickers and emblems my sister in law kindly brought to me from Japan…synchronicity? A sign that at last I’ll enjoy my second JNC for my birthday in February? How about some extra stickers from JNC to get even more horsepower from that beefy 2TC???

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