QotW: What would you like to know about the new Z?

Nissan is giving us the opportunity to see the new production Z in person this week. This will be an indoor viewing so we won’t be able to drive the car, but anything else is fair game. Ask a question, and we’ll try to get some answers for you. The earlier you can submit your question in the comments below, the better. We’ll try to answer as many as possible.

What would you like to know about the new Nissan Z?

The best comment by next Monday will receive a prize. Scroll down to see the winner of last week’s QotW, “What are your hopes for the reborn Acura Integra?

For the most part, readers wished for the Integra to continue the tradition of the third-gen tuner era icon that Acura referenced with its debossed bumper teaser. BlitzPig wants a two-door Civic Si with the Accord’s 2.0-liter, slotted between the Si and Civic Type R. dankan hopes for a love letter to enthusiasts with great handling from a front-wheel-drive layout. Alan longs for a high-revving engine and an absence of electronic nannies. Sammy B simply wants a manual transmission above all else. james wishes for it to be all those things and affordable. Our winner, Brian Garrity, provided perhaps the most realistic wish list due to its simplicity:

I’m not greedy! All I’m hoping for is a manual transmission, that it isn’t too big or put on too much weight over the years, and at least moderately affordable…for an Acura.

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8 Responses to QotW: What would you like to know about the new Z?

  1. Jim Daniels says:

    I would like to personally know how it drives, feels, sounds, how comfortable are the seats, how that transmission shifts, and how it dives into a corner and comes out of a corner of various radius’s. I would also say that the more pictures I see of The Z the more I like it. I can’t wait to see one in person in a setting were I can sit and look at the exterior and study it, how the curves flow and join together from the different eras.

  2. Legacy-san says:

    I would like to know if Nissan realizes that the new Z won’t sell as fast and as popular as econoboxes or SUV’s, and that, like the GTR, it is for a segment of the market that wants a sports car. I think I read that Acura is going to cancel the NSX because of low demand for a very pricey sports car, which could be the reason the Integra is coming back. Toyota and Subaru are about ready to formally introduce the second generation GT86/BRZ while the Supra is slowly selling, like it should. Same goes for the venerable Corvette; they make a few but don’t expect to see one on every street corner. Hopefully, they’ll remember when the cancelled the Z, then Carlos brought it back because dealerships needed eye candy. Let the new Z continue that tradition and not get all fussy if people aren’t beating down the doors to get one.

  3. Tofu Delivery says:

    Can someone 6 foot 3 sit in it comfortably? The 370z always felt cramped to me and the visibility out of that reaar side window was non existent. They might as well not have had that port hole at all. I know it’s the same chassis but if they managed to increase the interior volume at all that would be very helpful.

  4. Jeremy A. says:

    I want to know if it will be easy to work on, easy to modify. Will the exhausts be integral to the head as they are on the Supra? Will the turbos be replaceable, or rebuildable? Will the ECU take a flash to run bigger injectors? Will it be an electronic throttle? If so how much throttle hang will it have?

    Z car owners are well known to modify and upgrade their cars. But more and more manufacturers are making it more difficult to upgrade and enhance cars that are hitting the market. My hope is that Nissan will remember that the Z is an enthusiast car.

  5. Glenn says:

    The price,

    • pete240z says:

      I am a “base model” kind of a guy. Give me the lowest model with no options and I am in the club. You know, when the 350Z/370Z was base priced in the $29,xxx range?

      I’m 59 years old and am planning on retiring in 3 years and getting rid of my work truck. A new Z might be just right at that point.

    • Ben Hsu says:

      Nissan has said the base model will start around $40k.

  6. Lee L says:

    I’ve spent a decent amount of time in older Zs, especially the S130 and Z31. Those cars, as well as the S30 and Z32 give you a distinct “Z Car” feeling as soon as you get in. I know that’s hard to explain, but a lot of Z Car fans feel it. It’s like an instant connection and vibe.

    I didn’t feel that with the Z33 or Z34. I’d love to know if you get the feeling “Yes, this is a Z car” when you sit in it.

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