QotW: What are your hopes for the reborn Acura Integra?

Late last week Acura dropped the news bomb about the rebirth of the Integra. No details about the car were given other than 1.) the name was coming back, and 2.) it would have a debossed logo like the beloved 1994-2001 sport coupe. However, that name carries a lot of weight, and any time such a revered name is invoked expectations will be high. We don’t think Acura is dumb enough to pull a Mitsubishi, but there are still many directions this could go in.

What are your hopes for the reborn Acura Integra?

The most entertaining comment by next Monday will receive a prize. Scroll down to see the winner of last week’s QotW, “What’s your ideal touge weapon?

With this being JNC, we naturally think of cars when it comes to touge. There were the obvious (but also very correct) answers, like ra21benj‘s quintessential AE86 build or Tom Westmacott‘s FD3S RX-7. There were also unconventional choices like Jeremy A.‘s Nissan S130 Turbo or Bryan Kitsune‘s Celica GT-S. We might pick dankan‘s K20C1-powered Honda Beat just so we can create a meme that says “[Honda Beat intensifies]”.

Alan asked the question of why follow the curves when you can just head down the mountain in a straight line in a Toyota Mega Cruiser. Meanwhile, Ian G. was thiiiis close to winning the week with his strangely familiar tale about an RB26-powered Mustang. However, TheJWT edged out a victory because the video he supplied (embedded above) was just so epic:

There isn’t a car on the planet I’d take over a Honda CBR250RR on a road like that. 350 lbs and 45 hp at 19,000 rpm. But don’t just take my word for it-


(by the way, when is Japanese Nostalgic Bike becoming a thing…)

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14 Responses to QotW: What are your hopes for the reborn Acura Integra?

  1. Lupus says:

    I think it might be a mix of Civic’s chassis and CR-Z’s philosphy & feel. Something a bit more radical and less practical then Civic Type-R, but with less weight and impoved handling at the expense of comfort and equipment. ‘Cause let’s be honest – do people who enjoy driving really need a 15″ infotainment screen on the dash?
    I hope they don’t make it AWD with petrol engine powering the front wheels, wheras some EV motors will push the rears…

  2. BlitzPig says:

    The Integra is probably the reason why there is no coupe version of the Civic SI in the cards. So, this means that it will be the “hot” two door Civic platform vehicle. Manual gearbox for certain on the Type S, with probably a mild HP boost over the Civic SI. I’m hopeful that being a coupe it will have a weight reduction compared to the 4 door only Civic. The Type R will be a more “adult” version of the Civic Type R. Both S and R versions should be a bit higher spec in the interior than the Civic, this is an Acura after all. I’d be really happy if it came with the Accord Sport 2 liter engine with the manual box though. Time will tell.

    I do think my Accord V6 manual EXL’s days are numbered though.

  3. Sammy B says:

    There’s numerous things on the wishlist from all of us I’m sure, but there’s one thing….just one thing Acura needs to do that’ll forgive nearly any other sin: It needs to have a 6MT. At that point I don’t care about the body style, the driven wheels, ICE/EV, etc. I’d be in.

    If they make a “regular” and more of a GSR or Type S/R version, I’d love if both the higher & lower models had a manual. A Civic Si in a tux with 6MT at ~$30-33K is pretty appealing car! Not much else in the market place like that.

  4. dankan says:

    I think it will be a decent affordable performance halo car for Honda/Acura if it proves to basically be the Civic coupe in Si/Type-R flavours (ok, so Type-S/Type-R flavours). The photo looks very promising, but the spy photos look a little too jelly-bean.

    I think that if this is going to be Honda’s final love letter to the enthusiast-focused internal combustion engine, and they put the kind of effort into it that Toyota put into the GR Yaris, we could be in for a very special treat. It won’t be a forever treat, but it will be sort of like umeboshi sorbet. It will melt in your mouth with a fireworks festival of flavour. Lightweight, precise, unapologetically front-wheel drive, not really very practical. But on the right road just magical.

  5. f31roger says:

    Acura knows what entails with the “Integra” name. That chassis carried a lot of weight in the 90s/2000s and still evokes desires to build one.

    So if Acura did go down that route.. I feel it has to be “enthusiasts” driven and the price can’t be totally out of range.

    I don’t know if anyone was around the 2000s Import Tuning era, but hearing “Integra GSR or Type R” was like tops for regular folks. I do feel it is a timeless look like the Supra.

    Let’s hope Acura does it justice.

  6. james says:

    The reborn Integra should follow a simple recipe: 1.Manual transmission option 2.Suspension tuned for spirited driving 3.A design that takes elements from the 3rd and 4th gen Integras/RSXs 4.Starting price under $26,000 and 5.Bring back the Type-R and make it lightweight and powerful. I’m thinking along the lines of 325-350hp. Something that’ll give the GR Supra a run for its money although (it’ll probably be) FF.

    • BlitzPig says:

      Your wish for a starting price of $26k is a pipe dream I’m afraid. Have you seen the list price of low end new Civic sedans? I wish you were correct, but I’m guessing a Type S will be $29+, and a Type R will be in the low to mid $30s.

      • james says:

        I agree that the price point is unbelievable but the only reason I chose that number was to undercut the GR86/BRZ and even the Miata.I also agree with you on bringing back the Type-S(and it’s price point) but as you know,these are all just dreams and speculations.

  7. ACSK says:

    I don’t have high hopes, but I wish it was a FWD (or even RWD, for that matter) competitor to the new BRZ / GR 86.

  8. エーイダン says:

    Not a crossover reboot.

  9. Alan says:

    That it be light, compact, naturally aspirated, high revving, unencumbered by an endless array of electronic nannies and “conveniences”, and not ugly.

    I doubt a single wish shall be granted.

  10. Brian Garrity says:

    I’m not greedy! All I’m hoping for is a manual transmission, that it isn’t too big or put on too much weight over the years, and at least moderately affordable…for an Acura.

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