QotW: What JNC needs to be Kylo Ren’s ride in the next Star Wars?

Last weekend, our mighty editor-in-chief Ben swung by the Tokyo offices as we gear up for Tokyo Motor Show. While on the hunt for some new Tomica minicars, we came across the above. Seeing as the latest trailer to the next Star Wars installment dropped, this week’s QotW is fitting. What does the First Order Jedi roll around in when not fighting on self-destructive planets, or losing his cool on a Destroyer?

Simple question, make it fun, gang. Bonus points if you Photoshop something. (Previous Star Wars-branded JNC excluded!!!)

What JNC needs to be Kylo Ren’s ride in the next Star Wars?

The most entertaining comment by next Monday will receive a prize. Scroll down to see the winner of last week’s QotW, “How far will you go for your next JNC?

The winner this week was エーイダン, who doesn’t own a JNC yet but put out a call for help. Good luck with your search, Aidan!

As far as it takes to avoid the terror of my first car being that horrid rotbox that is my mother’s Hyundai or worse, me ending up with my aunt’s truck as a first car…………….I want my first car to be a JNC, not something uncool and unsavoury as a ’02 Dodge Ram that has doen enough kms to go to the moon and turn around and come back, then take a road trip to Mexico. Or, god help me, my mother’s ’07 Hyundai Santa Fe, the 2-wheel drive model of hopelessness. SOMEONE HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Omedetou! Your comment has earned you a set of decals from the JNC Shop.

JNC Decal smash

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12 Responses to QotW: What JNC needs to be Kylo Ren’s ride in the next Star Wars?

  1. Kylo Ren should drive a 3G Eclipse because he really wants to be as cool as his grandpa but can’t figure out how grandpa was so cool.

  2. Jeremy A. says:

    Subaru SVX. It reflects his status as being a bit late to the party, unpredictably tempermental, and trying to stand out in the shadows of giants.

  3. Banpei says:

    It could actually be the new Toyota Century, as the Century Royal is the choice for the emperor… His grandfather in the guise of Darth Vader would obviously have driven the first Century… However, this analogy doesn’t make sense, as the Japanese emperor chose to drive the President (yes a Rebel vehicle!) instead up until 2008…

    So with that out of the way, the Toyota Soarer would make sense. First generation Soarer suits, yet again, Dark Vader very well. The square angles and a touch panel aircon system (for life support?) make it really futuristic in the early 80s! Then Kylo Ren would have to drive the third generation Soarer, which is on the verge of becoming an iconic JNC nowadays. A twin turbo 1JZ makes it the agile machine that suits him well… However the soapbar styling of the third generation Soarer doesn’t really fit him well…

    So what’s left then?
    He is young, he is strong and an upcoming leader. So he definitely needs something small, something agile and yet powerful enough to make a punch to the rebels. What better JNC to drive than a black Suzuki Mighty Boy?

  4. Yuri says:

    “Scroll down to see the winner of last week’s QotW, “What JNC would represent the music of today?””

    I’ve been noticing that quite of few times, the question shown is the wrong week. Is it just me, or is something glitching?

  5. akio asakura says:

    subaru alcyone/XT mostly because of it’s futuristic wedge shape design

  6. Fifty5engineering says:

    My vote is for a Mitsubishi GTO / 3000gt VR4 with all the wings, active aero and stuff. Of course it’s gotta be black. Powerful, mean looking and not quite getting the respect of the rest of the empire.

  7. Nigel says:

    300zx ShIro. (The Evil White Z) !

  8. Steve says:

    Need you ask? The Star Wars edition RA29 Celica GT, of course.

  9. Wayne Thomas says:

    A Rennsport 911….naturally.

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