QotW: What is your JNC getting for the holidays?

Nissan Christmas

The holidays are meant to be spent with your loved ones. Sometimes your family is there too.

What is your JNC getting for the holidays?

A new car cover, some fresh new wheels, or perhaps that impossible-to-find NOS plastic bezel that hasn’t been produced since 1987? There are many possibilities for the JNC (or JNCer) in your life.

What say you, dear reader? As always, the most entertaining comment by next Monday will receive a prize. Scroll down to see the winner of last week’s QotW, “What’s the greatest Japanese nostalgic rally car?” 

Mitsubishi Lancer 2000EX Turbo

The results this week were as close as rally cars get to running over a gaggle of spectators. Daniel Johnston and Mike Moore told great tales about the Datsun 710 and Toyota Celica ST165, and returning champion dickie made an excellent (and hilarious) case for the Group B Mazda RX-7. But, the winner by a hair was Rayson, who revealed a previously unknown tale about the box-type Lancer and its appeal those of the criminal underworld:

Personally, I believed the Lancer EX 1800 GSR is awesome. We can pretty much say it was a “Lancer Evolution 0″ since it was pretty much an Evo-spec’d Lancer before the 4WD Evolution era. Turbo intercooled 4 cylinders in a lightweight body (Well except the absence of the almighty 4WD). But a fast RWD 4 doors sedan that look exactly like a family car that your dad owns, its just a pure 80s sleeper! I would take a Lancer Ex 1800 GSR over a Lancer Evolution anyday!

In fact the car was so awesome that it was a popular choice for getaway vehicle in Hong Kong during the mid 80s because it was easy to steal, faster than most family cars at the time, got enough room for all the criminals and goodies, and nimble enough to navigate around the tight streets during escape. The reputation of the cars in Hong Kong earned its nickname of “Thief boat” because it was pretty much the top choice for robbery escapes back in the time!

Also forgot to mention even Jackie Chan personally used to own a Lancer EX 1800 GSR too!

Omedetou, your comment has earned you a set of decals from the JNC Shop!

JNC Decal smash


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23 Responses to QotW: What is your JNC getting for the holidays?

  1. Gary says:

    My JNC (1969 Toyota Sprinter) got a new car cover – from Aldi no less!!

    These are a superb product and only cost A$40 (for Nth Am readers – that’s a bargain down here in Oz). Thye have a felt type lining, are ventilated, are UV resistant and have a zip open door section.

    I actually enquired with Aldi Stores 8 months ago and waited diligent until 20/12, got up early and waited outside the store for 8.00Am opening, along with about 50 people. The car covers sold out in a couple of hours – I bought five (one for each Toyota we own).

  2. Skylinefreak says:

    Although not quite a JNC yet, my ’92 R31 Skyline is getting new management – Link G4 Xtreme!

  3. Nigel says:

    Some SSR Mk II’s for my 1/24 Celica 1600.

  4. Invinciblejets says:

    A new koyo rad for my FC3S

  5. dickie says:

    nice pick, congrats Rayson!

    my x3 is getting the rear end narrowed and rebuilt so i can get it mounted. the 1uz on the stand will be sealed up and put back together so i can work on running my steering shaft and finding a workable manifold solution. a couple days off will hopefully be enough to get a start on it.

    my x8 received a slew of burgundy interior pieces thanks to a good friend, including the hard to find intact steering column surround. it’s also getting an annoying behind the dash rattle fixed and hopefully some supra wheels to drive on while my Toms are rebuilt.

  6. MainstreaM says:

    My plethora of JNC’s, 4 Starions, 2 RA21 Celicas, 2 first gen Monteros, RN10 Hilux, 78 LUV, and some assorted american iron, are all getting a roof over their head for Christmas. Sitting in weather or covered by tarps isn’t helping preservation so in the dry they go. I’ve recently bought a house with five acres, barn, and two car garage, plenty of room for everyone a spot under cover. I found termites in the garage so it is getting a total makeover, including outlets for welder and built in air lines. The barn and attached shed used to provide shelter for horses so I’ve spent several days shoveling out old scattered hay that is thoroughly mixed with horse poo. Not quite as deep, the tractor shed shares the barn’s poo problem.

  7. JHMAB2 says:

    My 1985 Prelude is getting one last Christmas garaged in California, not sure what any JNC could want more. Next year I will have her shipped to Colorado. Honestly, I’d rather be shipped back to California.

    • JHMAB2 says:

      My RT4WD will be getting a T-belt job to get him into the 400k mile realm, while my 90 4Runner is getting a head job, well two, fixing the burnt valves.

  8. Adam says:

    Sharka gets a new short shift kit, a heavy shift knob, and a Gopro.

  9. Marwin says:

    As I am currently enjoying the holidays skiing and snowboarding in the Czech Republic, I left my ’83 Mitsubishi Galant in the Netherlands. Although I haven’t bought any holiday gifts for my JNC, the Galant gets to spend the holidays among a pack of other classic Mitsubishis as they are gathered around and being shown at a few Dutch Mitsubishi dealership showrooms during the past few months and oncoming month to celebrate 40 years of Mitsubishi in the Netherlands. They show a wide variety of classic Mitsubishi’s: among others a rare 1st gen Eclipse Targa, 1st gen Lancer, Sapporo (Galant Lambda), Celeste, 1st gen Pajero.

  10. Greylopht says:

    Well most of the Subaru collection got there presents earlier in the year, but the newest addition. The 86 Subaru GL Wagon we call Grace and who just arrived less than a week ago gets all the loot this month. The short list,

    NOS Windshield , Rather hard to find a NOS one.
    Shocks, Struts, Strut Bearings, Balljoints, Lower inner bushings, radius rod bushings, Rotors and Drums, Shoes and Pads, Wheel cyls, calipers, clutch, timing belt component kit, water pump, oil pump, gaskets and seals, set of tires, powder coated wheels.

    And many many many hours of my love and attention as I prep for paint and get the rest of things sorted.

    Thank the gods the plastics and interior are great, protect your plastics and keep your JNC’s interior from looking like Grandmaw Moses. Keep em covered folks, plastics and trim, are going to be scarce as the years go on.

  11. J.A.C.K says:

    i’ve been stacking my chips for quite some time to get my beloved AE86 a new brain! going to swoop up on a Link G4 ecu so i can get her back on the road again. aww yeah. Thanks, santa.

    i think my cousin is getting me a new shift knob too.

  12. Otso says:

    Dear Santa,

    I have been very very good. And I guess you have heard it from the mouths of your spying elfs 😀

    So thank you very much for that lead to a c110 LHD 240 KGT coupe that might be for sale. I did reserve that car or whatever is left of it. My fellow Skylinese C10 and C210 are going to be more than happy. I guess it is a Christmas miracle that my skylines get their missing sibling back 😀

    I have treated my other cars well also. I have ordered new 4 headlight harness with relays to relieve the pain in light switches. And for my hako and 510 I have some new bushings to keep their legs and arms tight.

    See You soon mister Santa! Keep on trucking!

  13. Brad D. says:

    All of the gifts this year are for the ’74 Colt, and they have been received. New dual carb manifold, OEM tach, 13 inch Fortrans and new Quarter panel emblems. Going to be a good year to be a ’74 Colt in my garage.

  14. JNCSeikoNeko says:

    Probably a new friend. ’86 Civic Si next to my main ’90 Celica…

  15. Javal says:

    My JNC got its’ gift a few days early, something I could never have bought it: Freedom.

    Coming to the end of a 4 year restoration, the police took my Corona away from me moments after it had its’ roadworthiness inspection. The 18R-G I had fitted was listed as stolen well over a decade ago. I had to hand over the keys and there was not a damn thing I could do about it.

    After what seemed to be an eternity with it sitting under a car cover in an impound yard, yesterday she came home. A clerical error had caused my hair loss.

    So this holiday season my little JNC can stretch its’ legs on the mountain roads and both it and I can enjoy its’ newfound freedom.

    I would think it’s a gift for the both of us.

  16. Aaron Cake says:

    My ’76 Cosmo is getting the rack and pinion from a NA Miata as a good riddance to that awful recirculating ball steering box which probably had 30 degrees of slop built in from the factory. This, combined with a new front suspension built out of parts from about 6 cars including Cosmo, FC, 626, Altima, Miata and B1600 should make the car feel like it should have from the beginning.

  17. kylezone says:

    After a busy fall term driving back and forth between school and home trying to get things put together, my 71 datsun 521 will finally be driving back with me after a frame off rebuild. Perfect ending to the holidays! Now all it needs is a JNC sticker in the window =)

  18. Hector C. says:

    My JNC is a 1979 Mazda Rx7. After many years got her roadworthy. After over 1000 miles of enjoyment I was upset I couldn’t take my wife AND daughter (or vice versa) out to enjoy the car together. So, for 2015 I’m going to retrofit a back seat from a FC (2nd gen) Rx7 into my SA (1st gen)! Can’t wait until spring to cruise with my family!

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