QotW: What car should my fiancée get?

My fiancée is buying her first car. Having lived in New York City for 17 years, where cars are nothing more than two-ton magnets for parking tickets and dents, she’s had no reason to own one. Now in LA, without wheels, she can’t even grab a bagel. Here are the requirements:

  • It must be automatic. I know, I’ve failed all of you because I’ve haven’t been able to get her completely comfortable with a manual transmission and I don’t deserve to be your editor. I will try, but for now she refuses to change gears herself.
  • It must have Bluetooth. She’s a VP of marketing at a major cable network so her phone almost never stops ringing. She must be able to take calls, make deals, and put out fires while immobile in LA traffic.
  • It must not have been offered in a manual. I just can’t bear to have an automatic-equipped car when I know full well that the same model with manual gearboxes are running around out there. This is a clause of the previous stipulation but it’s mine, so it’s also the only one not written in stone.
  • It must be impressive. She can’t go to a client lunch and step out of a Cressida. She knows it’s a cool car. We know it’s a cool car. But sadly, not all Hollywood execs are as enlightened as JNC readers. Her chariot has to be striking, memorable, and sharp-looking.
  • It must be Japanese. Hey, she’s marrying the cofounder of JNC.
  • It must cost less than $20,000.

What car should my fiancée get?

The most entertaining comment by next Monday will receive a prize. Scroll down to see the winner of last week’s QotW, “What sacred model name should never be revived for a crossover?” 

It was a really tough decision this week. Power Tryp‘s was chilling because you could almost see Nissan doing something like that, and his closing request to Nissan made us lol. The winner by a close margin though was Bryan, who’s pain was almost palpable yet also comically penned.

Assuming the Supra is safe with the BMW venture (another discussion). MR2 I would also just think doesn’t make sense given the meaning of the name.

As others have mentioned, I’d hate to see it happen to the Celica, my car of choice over the years. I don’t want to think about it. Side note – the Celica should be revived, but in retro styling (1st gen) and RWD. I mean, come on, all the old muscle cars are doing it, why can’t Toyota do it to the car they birthed to be the mini-econo-muscle car?

Back on topic…

I would gouge my eyes out if I saw a Starlet badge on a crossover. I might resort to industrial sabotage, or some other illegal activity of some sort if they used 2000GT. Or at least end my long-standing, long-suffering devotion to Toyota. (This coming from a Cleveland Browns fan…)

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81 Responses to QotW: What car should my fiancée get?

  1. Jamal says:

    G37 Sedan!!
    It will nice in any dark color.

  2. Jacob says:

    I would definitely look into the 05-13 Lexus IS250 or 350.

    … then lower it and slap some volk te37v’s or work meister s1’s on there.

  3. TeqMan says:

    I mean….
    I show up to Ferrari events in my ’88 Cressida all day long.

    To each their own I guess!

    • Ben Hsu says:

      I hear ya. I own a Cressida myself. But sadly, most people just see it as “an old Toyota.” It probably doesn’t help that mine is a wagon, even though we all know wagons are the best. I was almost denied entry to a local Cars & Coffee in it and tourists on Hollywood Blvd never take pictures of it even though they break their necks for a Ferrari 360 (which is as common as an Altima here).

  4. cesariojpn says:

    A V8 Powered Toyota Century. V12 Centuries unfortunately can’t be imported into the US till 2022 (thats when the 1997 models would be eligible.)

    The model is Automatic only now, but had a Manual Option…..until 1975.

    I assume you are mechanically adept to forgive your AT surrender, You can find Bluetooth conversion kits and install one yourself. https://www.amazon.com/Best-Sellers-Cell-Phones-Accessories-Bluetooth-Car-Kits/zgbs/wireless/1293687011 Yeah, I know, i’m a staunch Stock Fanboi, but then again, it’s the Missus. Gotta indulge her.

    As for impressiveness, imagine driving up in a car that people will mistake for an older German or British Luxobarge. No car some Celebrity or LA Power Broker would have. Keep it all spiffed up and it’ll turn heads.

    As for the price…..i’m pretty sure this guy in Virginia has one or several on US soil already to bargain with. http://jalopnik.com/have-your-mind-blown-by-the-most-amazing-secret-car-col-1792485778

    • Gophermonkey says:

      It’s not the most impressive option, but what about a CPO Camry, it looks like they can be found for less than 20k in se trim (at least in Texas https://www.cars.com/vehicledetail/detail/692424122/overview/) and it’s a 2016 midsized car.
      Sorry for being boring.

    • DallasD says:

      There’s no manual option, but any appropriately priced Lexus LS should meet all of the other requirements. Refined, luxurious, and with an unmistakable presence, any generation of the Ls is almost good enough to make me drive an automatic.

      Since it’s a Toyota, it’ll hold its value when you’ve finally convinced her of how awesome manual is, and want to resell.

    • Ben Hsu says:

      I personally would love a Century, but RHD is a likely a dealbreaker in this case. Plus, a Century is a car to be driven in, and I simply don’t have the time…

      I did consider a Camry Hybrid, but in the end it’s probably isn’t striking enough to meet requirement #4.

      The Lexus LS is a great idea!

  5. Yuri says:

    Honda CR-Z. Well equipped, there are still new ones on the market in your price range (with their full warranty!), striking design, bluetooth, standard backup camera, optional navigation, and since it’s a hybrid, it still makes a statement in Hollywood. A Hybrid is acceptable amongst those circles because people buy them because what they are, and seem more impressive than a several year old luxury car. (They know how old a car is, trust me.) It’s also still really fun to drive, so you wouldn’t have any issue showing her how fun our wonderful canyons are. (It also is way better driving and a lot more attractive than the typical SoCal Prius.)

    And I’m sure this is a typo on your part, having the first requirement be “It must be an automatic;” and the third requirement being “It must not have been offered in an automatic;” but with the choice of transmissions being a CVT or a six-speed manual, the car gives you automatic shifting while not ever offering an actual automatic transmission, so it fits both requirements!

    And best of all, as befitting the co-founder of JNC, the CR-Z was directly inspired by the original Honda CR-X, which becomes even more apparent when you option it out in one of the traditional CRX colors, like black, red, or white.

    • Ben Hsu says:

      Sadly, it’s no typo. I mean that it must be an automatic, but that model can never have been sold as on (i.e., no Miata, BRZ, or CR-Z. I’ve edited for clarity. Otherwise good choice, though!

      • Yuri says:

        Ah, so must be an automatic, but never available in a manual.

        Also I totally understand the stress of trying to find your fianceé a car, as mine is looking right now too. However, her requirements are

        *Must be extremely fun to drive
        *Must be under $25k
        *Must be CPO
        *No vinyl/leatherette seats
        *Must be compact (A 3-series or A4 is too big)
        *Must be an automatic without paddle shifters
        *Must be German or Japanese
        *No light colored interior
        *Must have a backup camera
        *Must have navigation
        *Must be white, grey, or navy blue (black is acceptable but only with a red interior)
        *Must have under 35k miles
        *Must have heated seats
        *Must have a rear seat (but doesn’t have to be usable)
        *Must not be a VW, Volvo, 86 twin or Mini
        *She doesn’t like how the side airbags on a BMW 1-series are always black regardless of interior color, so if it’s a 1, it has to have a black interior.

        So any time you think your own search is getting too difficult, just refer back to my post to instantly feel a hundred times better.
        Best of luck, Ben, I can’t wait to see what you guys get!

      • Ben Hsu says:

        I feel better already! 🙂

        • Yuri says:

          There’s a ton of Lexus CT200h’s coming off lease.
          I saw five this weekend including some with the F-sport package, for your budget.
          All the pros of the CRZ, but never available with a manual, and it’s a luxury brand to boot!

    • Ant says:

      Huzzah, someone else who appreciates the benefits of the CR-Z! I often feel like I’m the only one…

  6. James says:

    May I humbly suggest the Honda Clarity? Maybe not the most striking, but makes a statement environmentally (which seems to be all too important in California). This is assuming that she will be near one of the refueling stations. And doesn’t mind leasing.

  7. Mark Newton-John says:

    Mazda 929 with the solar panel sunroof.

  8. Dennis says:

    Lived in New York for 17 years without a car? Where did she stash all the cash she saved by not owning one, paying insurance, parking, and upkeep? While a nice lightly used Infiniti G37 sedan would be my first suggestion to meet ALL requirements, I wouldn’t rule out just using UBER (request a Japanese brand car) and forgetting about buying a car in LA. Her $20K would go a long way and if concerned with impressing clients, what’s better than having her car AND driver pick her up at the curb after lunch?

    • Ben Hsu says:

      Likely all the money went to rent :). Uber/Lyft is simply not a realistic scenario for us. It’s much easier to come and go as you please and not have to worry about leaving stuff in the car or suddenly needing to drive a long distance where ridesharing would be prohibitively expensive.

      • Chris Green says:

        +1 on the TSX wagon. I have one but didn’t think of it until I saw this comment! Sadly it wasn’t offered in a manual, so it meets your criteria. You guys are welcome to check mine out (but no it’s not for sale)!

    • Randy says:

      Save money in NYC? Uh-uh… Got relatives there. $14 for a pack of cigarettes, and $20 won’t buy you breakfast… $2K+ for an “apartment” the size of my living room.

  9. LB1 says:

    To be impressive under 20k is pretty tough, in my honest opinion.

    How about an Acura RL circa 2005? They weren’t popular so can be had for cheaper than people think.

    Lexus SC430 would add a cool factor as well.

  10. Brett says:

    I was in the same position with my wife of now 23 years; when we met and married she could, admittedly just barely, drive a manual, however she insisted upon an automatic, and because we only had one car at time, I had to sell my Mazda and buy an auto Ford. I wore her down and today she drives, and dearly loves, a 6 speed manual Fiat 500S; and recently she has asked about an Abarth. So hang in there Ben; it can be done. Until then, a used Lexus of any variety seems to be remedy.

  11. Carrie (aka Ben's fiancée) says:

    Not just because I think Ben is going to include his desire for me to drive manual in his vows, but b/c after being the passenger in many incredible JNCs, I’m ready to get into driver’s seat myself! Baby steps as the New York City subway has been my daily driver for the last 17 years. Give me some time, Dear JNC Community. It will happen!

    • Randy says:

      (Like in the M&Ms commercial: “She DOES exist!”)

      Okay, so what are *YOU* looking at/considering for the daily driver?

      What grabs YOUR attention? YOU’R the one who has to live with it…

      • Carrie (aka Ben's fiancée) says:

        Hi Randy – I have a different idea of what I want everyday, thanks to Ben exposing me to gamut! What I have learned to love is handling more than a pretty exterior….if I can get both, then THAT grabs my attention.

      • Randy says:


        Okay, but there has to be SOMETHING you’ve seen that caught your attention – maybe you were reading over Ben’s shoulder; maybe it was some truly funky color, and you started reading from that point. Dunno how you can tell “good handling” just from reading, and the oldies aren’t exactly sitting there waiting to be “test-hooned.” That’s why I’m actually leaning more toward new for you… Repair costs on an older vehicle – esp. the “impressive” ones can be pricey – and this from someone who has ALWAYS preferred older cars.

        Is there a TYPE of vehicle? Car/SUV/CUV/ pickup?
        Stock or modified?
        Leaning toward luxury or sporty?

        If you’re looking for a more “nostalgic” vehicle, you could be looking literally for a first-gen Infiniti Q45, or Marty McFly’s Toyota pickup, or some spaceship-looking Subaru SVX… I think the SVX, and I KNOW the truck, was each available with a stick, but that’s a you-and-Ben thing…

        “[H]andling” leans toward “CAR.”

        FWD, RWD, or AWD doesn’t likely matter out there.

        YOUR money, and YOU have to live with it…

  12. Chris Hsu says:

    Lexus CT!

    Hybrid, got the lux, not too big so it can hopefully dodge dents and dings, and it’s a hatchback.

  13. Tom says:

    Perhaps a Nissan Juke would be suitable. I know there are limited edition Nismo models which are offered in manual, but not sure about the base models. Its a striking design – one which I was certainly confused about when it was first launched – but I have come around to like it. Offered in a range of colour schemes. It is certainly ‘striking, memorable, and sharp-looking’. . . Also not sure about price levels in the US.

  14. yoda says:

    Striking, Memorable, Japanese, Automatic, and under 20k? (And for a new LA driver, why not have a little fun and get a convertible?)

    Ladies and Gentlemen, I submit to you: The Nissan Murano CrossCabriolet

    • DallasD says:

      Your comment necessitated my reminding my wife of what a Murano CrossCabriolet is, and in the process, I unfortunately saw a photo of one. Blech! Sorry if you like them; to each his own.

  15. nlpnt says:

    Gen3 Prius, especially if you can find one in budget with the solar-panel sunroof. This is going to be mainly a work car/commuter right? The only thing worse than sitting in gridlock is sitting in gridlock while the car uselessly burns your gas.

  16. pete240z says:

    Go with a Honda Accord – I just sold my 2011 LX with 152,000 miles – that car just ran and ran and cost me pennies PLUS you can have the Honda guy; Ming work on it for you.

  17. Jim Daniels says:

    First, congratulations.
    Second, I think you are just going to have to suck it up dude. Get used to it. You need to get your thinking right. In order to have what she deserves.You are going to have to tolerate knowing that there are standard transmission versions of the car you are escorting your lady in. Any model of a Miata or a BRZ will work. You giving up a transmission choice to know your girl who is conducting business on the phone (distracted driving) in So-Cal traffic, so she has one less distraction may just bring you to being will to accept the compromise. You are still thinking as a single car guy. Marriage is nothing but compromise. Get use to it, or you won’t keep her. Now, you don’t have to tell anyone you have a sport car with an automatic. I wouldn’t. Wait, does a sports car with an automatic qualify as a sports car?

  18. robin says:

    2012 Toyota Sienna SE’s are awesome
    could be an option, and you dont need when the kids come along ,assuming you have no kids at this moment. As for being practical regarding her job , i cant say.

    not sure the price in the States.
    its sharp looking, super sharp looking
    i am sure it has all the cool gadgets.

    • Ben Hsu says:

      I love the Sienna SE personally. I even wrote an article singing its praises, but she said she wouldn’t be caught dead in a minivan. When the kids come this can be my daddymobile, and I’ll drive it with pride. The 2017 ones come with an 8-speed transmission, too!

      • robin says:

        Start making them kids then haha.

        Fully understand, but that is all i could think of that comes in only auto. Goodluck with the search and I hope your Fiance finds something Japanese she will be happy with and enjoy driving.

        Keep us updated on what she purchased.

  19. Christopher Huffine says:

    Most of the replies don’t take into account the requirement “impressive”, nobody is going to be impressed with a Prius, any cross-over or a run of the mill, pass-yourself-every-few-miles-Camry. Lexus SC’s are the obvious choice, luxury, style, and you don’t see them everywhere as you do most of the other cars mentioned in prior posts. If it doesn’t have Bluetooth, any good high-end aftermarket stereo has it built in and is easily installed. Should not be a problem finding a very nice low mileage example in SoCal, add some sharp wheels and appropriate rubber, maybe some light suspension mods for the right stance, it could be a very striking, memorable and sharp-looking car, for probably well under your budget.

  20. Bobby says:

    I think I am kinda hung up on the “need to impress Hollywood moguls” aspect of this question… As someone who has been fortunate to either have access to or own interesting cars for most of my driving years, I understand wanting a car that people notice. Currently, I have both an 89 Chrysler Conquest (Starion), which lead me to this Web site years ago, and an 05 Mini Cooper base model. My wife has an 03 Mazda Protege5 and a 2015 Nissan Leaf S. In the past, I’ve driven or owned a 67 Mustang, 86 Mustang SVO, and an 85 Mazda RX-7 GSL-SE.

    We got the Leaf a month ago and it has been a really terrific experience. Even a fairly recent one, like our 2015 with 20k miles, is quite inexpensive compared to most new or used cars (you might be able to buy two with a $20,000 budget). Ours still gives us an 80-90 mile range on a full charge. We charge it every three nights or so, as my wife lives close to her work.

    I am all about inexpensive but stylish. The Conquest/Starion twins are cheap still. People definitely notice them, and sometimes assume it’s an exotic car. Inexpensive and stylish, while projecting status and uniqueness can be hard to do with a Japanese classic, though, partly because they didn’t reach market penetration until the 80s, at least in the Southeast and Midwest, where I’ve lived most of my life.

    SOOOOO… If I wanted to make a bit of an impression on television and movie people in LA with a classic car for $20k or less, I would choose (don’t be angry that it’s not a Japanese classic)… a Citroen DS or SM. My second, even more impractical choice, IS a Japanese classic… a Mazda Cosmo Series L10A/L10B. I imagine both of my suggestions fail the automatic test. I think the Cosmo might fail the $20k test, too.

    Good luck!

    • Ben Hsu says:

      The definition of “impressive” is broad. A beautiful 240Z (or Cosmo, like you said) would surely be impressive in a land where Audis are as common as Altimas, and I am definitely not opposed to something vintage. But, the condition that it must not have been offered in manual effectively kills almost any Japanese car made before 1999.

      Also, I’d like it to be safe for her, so modern safety gear would be a big plus.

    • Nathan says:

      A Cosmo would fail the price test by quite a bit, I’d imagine, based on market trends.

  21. Not the mama says:

    First world problem.

    I arrived at a similar dilemma when I had to chose between “rose gold” and “space grey” for my iPhone.

  22. Chris Emanuel says:

    I’d also suggest the Prius in a Tuxedo, the Lexus CT.

    Relatively sporty, good on gas, comfortable, safe, only available in automatic (well, CVT really), and most importantly a wagon! I’m sure they’re much more common around LA then in my neck of the woods, but they seem to attract some attention and turn some heads around here – especially the 2014+ facelift (and even more especially the F Sport trim). There’s a decent amount of aftermarket support as well, so making stand out some more shouldn’t be a problem if desired.

    Great handling, ride quality, quiet interior, and reliable – you know, in some ways, the Lexus CT is kind of like the 21st century Cressida wagon.

  23. Dankan says:

    A used Lexus LS or SC (probably impossible to find one that hasn’t been ruined), or a used Acura RL/TL are probably your best bets.

    If she wasn’t so eager to impress people, then going new could yield some good choices in the fun and functional camp, like a Fit or the Toyota iA (Mazda 2).

    • Ben Hsu says:

      The Fit and iA are great cars, but wouldn’t meet my personal requirement of not buying an AT when an MT was available. As for the impressing part, it’s expected in her line of work. You can’t go to a meeting in sweat pants. A nice car is business attire in Hollywood.

      Even within the auto industry, I’ve shown up to meetings in my Cressida or AE86 and gotten side-eye. I’ve also gotten thumbs up. But when an important deal is on the line, why take a chance? These days, if I sense it’s going to matter, I drive my 1997 SC. It’s worth way less an a new Fit but for some reason it’s perceived differently by people who care about these things. I’d let her drive it, but it’s a 5-speed.

  24. Greyfox says:

    How about a Nissan Figaro? That is a retro, striking fashion statement on wheels. (only available in automatic)
    Anything from Mitsuoka 😛 In particular the Orochi, but its costly. (Orochi used Toyota parts and only in automatic)
    Toyota has the new C-HR, it bares similarity to the concept Toyota RSC (The Best SUV thing never built)

  25. Randy says:

    Alright, so most of what you put in there means a NEW vehicle. Not-more-than $20K has just nuked you; sorry…


    It’s a soul-sucking concept for some of us, but in HER case, 3 years out, and she’s free of the thing. It’s going to be an appliance.

    IF she was able to save money, put it into offsetting the monthly cost. Depending on the job, she MIGHT be able to write it off her taxes – just don’t DEPEND on that.

    Lexus’ page is presently acting stupid (I ain’t logging in to look at the pretty pictures), but the lowest-priced CUV, in a dark color (dark red or blue, or black). Maybe an NX.

    On the plus side, she’ll have something reliable, and 24/7 service access if something does go kaflooey.

    Sorry again…

  26. Tate says:

    I’m sure there’s plenty of users here that have been through something similar, myself included.

    My wife went from a KE55 coupe (we’re Australian) to an IS300. We needed a car large enough to handle our future offspring, but also small enough to not feel like she’s driving a barge (in comparison to her old coupe).

    They’ve been mentioned already, but an IS350 or an SC430 (post ’05) ticks all the boxes. I’m sure I don’t need to sing the praises of their build and reliability. The 350 does have semi-manual gear selection on the steering-wheel (but that isn’t strictly manual, so should pass scrutineering). And if you both aren’t worried about future-proofing, then the 430 would be ideal. Hard-top convertible, sleek body, two-doors…and available in Tigereye Mica (good ol’ reliable Toyota Brown)!!

  27. Bob says:

    Diahatsu Charade, but with a vinyl top and gold wire wheels.

  28. CobaltFire says:

    To play the impress people with your car game in socal on a budget is a tall order. Leasing has been mentioned as one solution. My solution is a bit different:

    Citroen DS

    Most people will have NO IDEA what it is, and it’s a heck of a neat car. I’m fairly sure $20k will get you a reasonably solid one, though not concours. Sorry it’s not a JNC, but it’d do the job. Add in a modern stereo for the bluetooth and you are set.

  29. dechan says:

    How about the Lexus IS Sport Cross? Interesting, somewhat rare, and no manual option. Probably fits your budget and it’s still a Lexus so people won’t ignore it.

    • Ben Hsu says:

      I LOVE the SportCross. Luckily I have access to one because my brother owns and ’04. There’s also one in the JNC staff family since Dave Yuan’s wife drives one as well. If my brother didn’t own one already it would be at the top of my list!

  30. Jun says:

    100 series Land Cruiser or LX470.
    I only say that as I’m looking for one too, and a good one is well under your budget!

    • Ben Hsu says:

      She mentions that she loves Land Cruisers whenever we see an 80. That’ll be the next evolution most likely when the babies arrive because she already told me many times she’ll never drive a minivan (though I’d happily rock a Sienna SE!).

    • DallasD says:

      Awesome suggestion!

  31. bert says:

    I’m surprised no one has mentioned the 2014 up Mazda 6! An aggressively elegant (or is that elegantly agressive?) car, the 6 has one numerous awards and hearts for having one of the best interiors in the world, and being fun to drive as a true drivers car, taking Mazda back to their zoom, zoom roots. Since Mazda kicked Ford, they have been free to do their own thing again, which has resulted in the Sky active engines, which may not be the most powerful 4cyl in the world, but are very smooth, gas sipping, but performance oriented. Although you can get one with a 6 speed tranny in the lower trim levels, those cars barely sell, so it almost meets your two pedal clause! But who cares when you’re rolling in a 4 door that looks this good! I remember the first won that rolled through the Mazda dealer I worked at in 2013, stopped everyone in their tracks, no matter what they were doing! And if you are not convinced how cool a 4 door grocery cart can be, look up the SEMA cars from a couple years ago! And with the cars being a few years old by now, it would be easy to find a well equipped 6 with an excellent factory certified warranty for under 20k. And if you still need convincing, consider this, with the vast majority of Mazdas sold in the US still being made in Hiroshima, you would own one of the last true Japanese imports! Something to think about.

    • Ben Hsu says:

      This is an excellent choice, and I agree with all your sentiments about its looks, performance (both handling-wise and fuel economy-wise), and the general idea that we should support companies that make excellent products. It’s on our list! But if we don’t end up getting one now, I’ll definitely be in line for the next generation.

  32. Lachlan says:

    Mazda Cosmo JC – 20B….. Funky looks, jet engine power and sound, big LA style coupe and it’s rare as can be.

    You’re welcome.

    BTW: Don’t blame me for running/gas costs ;p

  33. Drive510 says:

    FJ Cruiser in black. A hauler would make sense.

    If not that then you could settle for a nice Land Rover Defender project.

    The 2005/06. Q45’s can also be purchased pretty cheap nowadays.

  34. David says:

    Ben, I agree with the very smart suggestion that Bert posted on March 1 — The current Mazda6 is perfect, specifically the Grand Touring model. Actually, any Mazda would be an outstanding choice but honestly, I think your fiance should get the greatest car ever, which is, of course, an MX-5 Miata. 😉 I realize that it is slightly scandalous to buy one with an automatic, but having driven two NCs with automatics since last December, I can say that they are still fine cars. I drove one of them on a thousand-mile round trip to southern California and it was easily the best long-distance car I have ever driven. It would have been even better with a manual. I know I have gone off-topic here, but it is impossible to avoid promoting the Miata. At any rate, congratulations on your pending marriage. Your fiance must be smart. After all, she chose the editor of JNC. 🙂

    • Ben Hsu says:

      Ha, you are too kind! We really considered the Miata, and have rented automatic NCs as well. It still might be a contender in the future when a stickshift is an option 🙂

      • David says:

        Ben, I should have mentioned the last generation of Mazda6, made from 2009-2013. I think the Grand Touring model with its 18″ wheels is attractive, and in my experience, uncommon. A close relative of mine has a four cylinder Touring and it is a fine car to drive. The V6 in the Grand Touring would make fairly short work of the on ramps in Los Angeles. But your fiancée is perfectly capable of deciding without more free advice from the likes of me (note that this time I acquiesced to spelling fiancée as the Oxford dictionary does. Old school , but stylish!). Take care, and let us know what she chooses to buy.

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