Pre-Digital Camera Kobe Kyuusha Meeting

We here at JNC love photos taken in pre-digital days. Clearly it’s not the photo quality, it’s that these authentic time-warp photos probably lived in some Japanese bloke’s personal photo album until one fateful day when it met with a primitive low-res scanner. This isn’t even that long ago — July 2002 to be exact — but it’s an account of what the burgeoning kyuusha scene was like a decade ago.

Skyline Japan, cedoglo Brougham, and a tsurikawa hung with care.

GX71 Mark II, baby! Plus a Shakotan Boogie S30 Z, Cosmo AP and a Z31 lurking in the back.

It’s just a plain black sedan but we wouldn’t mess with this 330.

310 Sunny and Bluebird 910, garuchan style, rollin’ on Work Equip 01s.

230 Gloria.

Now with C230 Laurel.

[Images: AsianVox]

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3 Responses to Pre-Digital Camera Kobe Kyuusha Meeting

  1. Nigel says:

    Like that Laurel 4 dr, the Mk II with Longchamps and flares is cool too.

  2. dandfx says:

    Great finds there. Cant beat pictures of cars in the day.

    I could enjoy 100 posts just like this :p

  3. I like that the license plates are blurred out implying you could read them through that potato resolution.

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