Please help find this stolen Honda Beat

Friend of JNC and past contributor Darren Brooke unfortunately had his Honda Beat stolen on March 3. It’s bright yellow, has a Washington license plate of BWG3102, and is quite unique in that it has a hardtop. It was taken right out of his driveway overnight, despite the fact that it was boxed in by other cars.

The car was spotted several times around West Seattle and White Center. As someone who recently had cars stolen in Seattle, I feel Darren’s pain and there are a couple of things to look out for. First, the thieves have likely changed the license plate already. In my case, they affixed a temporary dealer tag (the paper kind for new cars). The hardtop is a very distinguishing feature but could have been removed as well.

The fact that the thieves targeted a very specific RHD JDM kei car when Darren has a fleet of other vehicles indicates that it may have been the victim of a targeted theft. Keep in mind that Seattle is only about 90 minutes away from Canada as well. If you see the car, please contact Darren on Twitter.

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