OPEN THREAD: What did you think of JDM Legends episode 01?

The premiere episode of JDM Legends is airing on Velocity Channel on the west coast right now and has aired in most of the country. What did you think? Leave your comments in the open thread below.

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19 Responses to OPEN THREAD: What did you think of JDM Legends episode 01?

  1. Al Gottlieb says:

    I liked the show and the cars. I’d like them to mention the before and after costs ( parts as well as labor) in doing the mods. They do include this information in other similar car programs like Wheeler Dealers and Fantom Works.

    • watching the world burn says:

      Ya know they say, “if you have to ask…”

      Wheeler Dealers are total cheapskates. Of course they’d brag about the costs.

      Admittedly, I’m a contrarian, but I will say if they listed the prices for all those rare parts and specialized labor…it may be a bit alienating for the average enthusiast.

      When it comes to the real-world cost of automotive fantasies, ignorance is bliss.

    • _John says:

      I don’t think they need to include labor costs but I would have liked to know some rough pricing for the items that were featured/got more air time like the gauges and the seats.

  2. Jimmy says:

    You can tell Eric is a humble, knowledgeable, and hard working guy. He may feel unable to represent the scene, but I say his attributes is exactly what represents us. Great work and kudos on the show.

  3. Jah King Sound says:

    Better than I expected considering the Fairlady has been done by numerous shops, numerous times. Eric gets a thumbs up from me because he explained everything in simple terms so that the casual viewer can understand! Very humble man! Negative criticism of his work really isn’t necessary!

  4. Myron Vernis says:

    I truly enjoyed it. One of the highlights was the obvious respect Eric, Josh and Mauricio have for each other, both personally and professionally . The show is a wonderful reflection of our hobby and off to great start.

    • Eric P says:

      This was a great show being the first. The guys know their stuff and it came out natural, no over the top acting like many of those other shows. The cars where a great representation of what the shop is dedicated to, vintage japanese classics. I was not disappointed at all with how the show came out, I will definitely be back next week. Great show!

  5. Ryan says:

    It would be nice if they went and drove the cars more after they were completed. Showing performance

  6. Dean says:

    Best show on Velocity. Absolutely loved it!!! About time the old school imports are getting the reckognition they deserve.

  7. Dave Patten says:

    It was refreshing not to be subjected to all the faux drama and attitude that so many other shop based shows have. For a small shop to work, it is important to have a good working relationship between all the players. This came thru very well in the TV presentation.

    In my dealings with Eric he has always placed quality and customer service at the forefront. He always came across as an everyday guy doing the best he can for who he is working for and those he is working with.

    Guys like Eric tend to let their work speak for their abilities, no boasting or self-adulation. The show does a great job of doing this and truly showcases Eric, Josh and their painter Mauricio’s mad skills.

    Best of luck to you guys, you’ve got a viewer in me.

  8. I loved the show, I had zero expectations and was ready for West Coast Choppers 2: JDM Boogaloo but I was pleasantly surprised. The build didn’t have any short cuts and the car was properly well done.

    If you compare this to Goblin Works Garage after JDM Legends, you can really appreciate the build. Goblin Works did a 280Z with a fiberglass widebody kit and a Gulf livery, normally I would have been excited over that due to the lack of a SBC going into it but it paled in comparison to the work that JDM Legends did.

    The blurb about the AE86 was also very well done and insightful too.

    I will definitely be glued to my couch on Tuesday nights at 8 PM Central time for the next few months.

    • Iwakuni91 says:

      What you said. I watched the the Goblin show that followed (for the first time) and it was everything that I hate about these type of car shows; effusive, drama oriented, and a dash of hucksterism.

      On a side note, I would have liked the editors to have left us more interior background but that might be a losing battle.

  9. J.A.C.K says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed this first episode! I’ve met a couple of these guys IRL and the show captures exactly my recollections of them. No forced “drama”, mostly focused on the build. Speaking of the build, I liked the parts they chose to use and the overall look of the final products.

    A few things I’d like to see more of: details on the parts they chose and why, more of the interaction with their clients and how they address their wishes for the project(s), more history of the model/engine they’re working on (ie – the average viewer might not know the heritage of say a toyota 2TG engine or a Cedric or Gloria is etc…). Also, is it me or do y’all want the episodes to be longer too? Lol.

  10. Joe Mushashi says:

    I like the episode. The actual car had tasty mods, and wasn’t trashed or overly modded. It was a 70’s Z and it tried to be nothing else.

  11. Jason Rodriguez says:

    Great show finally some Japanese cars loved it ! You guys are giving me an itch to do a build.

  12. pete240z says:

    it was a good show – even my HGTV, Chip and Joanna Gaines loving wife enjoyed the show and she can’t stand some of the few shows I watch.

  13. Rotsun says:

    Good show, much better than the fake drama BS on every other show out there. They clearly do quality work, and that painter they bring in lays it on slicker than snot on a doorknob. Good to see the massively under served vintage Japanese car market getting some love on TV. I appreciate a good muscle car as much as anybody but I cant explain enough how sick I am of working on em every day and then having to watch them on TV just to satiate my car kink for the day.

    I’m definitely tuning in, Best of luck to em!

  14. Ryan says:

    Bloody good actually, id like to see more driving of the cars though.

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