Nostalgics at SpoCom 2010

As you know, last weekend we teamed up with TORC and JCCS and some of SoCal’s finest nostalgics and invaded classed up the SpoCom Super Show in Long Beach. So for the first time ever, all the crazy drift machines, bagged VIP sedans and Lambo-doored Chryslers were joined by some killer vintage rides.

Ben Fernandez’s AE71 Corolla, Leo del Cid’s 1964 Bluebird and John Williams’ 510 Wagon each scored a new trophy for their respective owners.

A couple of Corollas greeted attendees at the gates.

Tyrone’s gorgeous kenmeri.

We spent about eight hours claying and waxing JNC Project Z the Friday before the show in 100-degree heat. We have very red foreheads.

Mike C.’s envy-inducing turbo RB GC10. Note the ingenious placement of the NGK sticker on the hood.

John Williams’ Radio Flyer wagon awaits your sacrifice to the volcano gods.

Quoc P.’s yellow RB-powered 240Z rolling on Longchamps.

Congrats to the winners. And yes, that is a trophy, not an alien ray gun.

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14 Responses to Nostalgics at SpoCom 2010

  1. sillbeer says:

    WTF is that trophy meant to represent?

  2. cesariojpn says:

    A Railgun. I think.

  3. Nigel says:

    I dig that 510 wagon!!

  4. bert says:

    I didn’t know Issue 4 was that big! I don’t think thats gonna fit in my mailbox, maybe you should send it FedEx!

  5. bert says:

    sillbeer- I think that trophy is some kinda J-tin nose picker!

  6. big O says:

    Thats a klingon deathfight knife!

  7. Tyrone says:

    It was nice to see the classic J-tin. It was my first time participating in a car show and can’t wait till the next one! Now I just have to get the kenmeri registered.

  8. Jake says:

    The red and white car behind the ae71 looks nice!

  9. 2000gtx says:

    i think they all should have got trophys how was judging determined?

  10. Ben says:

    Bert: you could make a life-size Honda S600 out of it!

  11. Sarcasmo says:

    That trophy looks like either a jackhammer, a chainsaw or an electric knife. lol

  12. matt says:

    @2000gtx, people aren’t gonna be happy to hear it, but jnc judging is just for fun and shouldn’t be taken seriously. this could change if they achieve muscle car or porsche status

  13. John (Radio Flyer) says:

    That was a great time. I think we had a good turn out for the first time at that show.

    We did get our fair share of attention from the crowd. There was lot’s of money in that building.

    I think we let them JDM boys know how it’s done Old school style.

  14. ae_rj says:

    Ben’s ae71 is my inspiration 🙂

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