Nissan Z35’s retro blue interior color option leaked

Nissan’s latest commercial promised things such as bright colored sports cars with three pedals, and the fact that we deserve cars that “thrill us”. Well, one of the things that is moving us closer to being thrilled is the fact that Nissan will apparently offer the Z35’s interior in blue.

The eye-popping shot was leaked on NissanZClub, and shows how the cerulean shade emulates the blue interior option offered in 1970-1971 903 White and 904 Blue Datsun 240Zs. The blue treatment brightens up the center console and lower dash, usually covered in a drab color most production cars today.

Of course, we could be biased because we’re a big fan of blue interiors. One even showed up on the 2015 Hot Wheels Datsun 240Z, paired with a matching inkan on the lower fender. We hope to see more retro hues come from the “New Nissan”, and we hope they are just as bright as Nissan’s future.

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7 Responses to Nissan Z35’s retro blue interior color option leaked

  1. BlitzPig says:

    I have never seen a 240Z with a blue interior. They must not has sold many, and looking at the photos above I can see why. Perhaps, if we are lucky, it will only be available with an automatic transmission.

  2. Crown says:

    Blue and tan…ug…lee

  3. speedie says:

    I agree with BlitxPig. I think I’ve only seen one with a blue interior and I remember when they were new. Obviously not a popular choice at least here in the states. I am glad however that colors are starting to get back into interiors again. Multi-colored, and questionable combination, choices were common in the 70s. The cost cutting ways of manufacturing over time however has made all interiors primarily black and gray. You need to get into high end luxury cars before you start to see real color choices for interiors.

  4. Jeff Koch says:

    Make mine yellow with the blue interior and a stick, and I’m in.

  5. Alan says:

    Love it. I adore a good blue interior – swapped the factory black one for an OEM blue one into more than one AW11. Everyone complains about how unimaginative modern factory color options are, then only order black when offered an alternative. Y’all are boring.

  6. Styles says:

    Excellent. Perhaps a little on the light side for my liking, but it’s great to see some colour back.

  7. Craig Z says:

    I had 70 it was blue on blue, this is the first one I gutted and turned it into a race car…

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