Nissan Fairlady Z officially gets a third nose option in Japan, inspired by Z432-R

The big news on the Z front this week has been the unveiling of the Nissan Z NISMO. However, at the same time Americans were getting a view of the tuned Z and its more aggressive face, in Japan a third nose option was officially announced. It’s called the Nissan Fairlady Z Customized Edition, and in addition to the front end the package comes with enough accoutrements to build an homage to the 1969 Fairlady Z432-R.

If the nose looks familiar, that’s because it’s derived from the same kit found on the Fairlady Z Customized Proto shown at the 2022 Tokyo Auto Salon. As we reported in January, the kit had been green-lit for production as a dealer accessory. That means you can’t buy it that way off the lot, but Nissan would be happy to sell you the parts necessary to convert your regular Z into one.

There are a few steps to that transformation. First is a new color for the regular Fairlady Z called, appropriately 432 Orange. A Nissan USA spokesperson has told us that this color will not be offered in the US for 2024 and that the paint options on the US Z will stay the same. It’s a shame, because it beautifully evokes not only the Grand Prix Orange from the Fairlady Z432, bu also the 2007 Solar Orange on the 350Z.

There are some minor changes between the Customized Proto and the Customized Edition you can now purchase in Japan. First, 432 Orange paint option is a solid color, meaning there’s no two-tone black roof. With most color codes, including hero hues like Ikazuchi Yellow and Seiran Blue, a black roof and A-pillars are mandatory. The Auto Salon car mimicked this scheme, but we do think the solid orange is a better look overall.

The Customized Edition package comes in two levels. The Entry Package consists of the nose and a dry carbon rear spoiler reminiscent of the black ducktail on the Z432-R. What’s missing compared to the Auto Salon car are the fender flares, but we think that improves the look of the production car.

The Full Package includes the nose and spoiler, plus exclusive 19-inch wheels reminiscent of RS-Watanabe 8-spokes. It also has side decals and a hood decal mimicking the black hood of the Z432-R. These come in black unless the base car is black, in which case the decals will be gray.

Last but not least, the side emblem of the Customized Edition Full Package has been redesigned for a more classic look. The “Z” is white rather than silver, and there are two concentric chrome rings, one of which is notched like those found on some S30 Zs.

Comparing the base Fairlady Z and the Fairlady Z Customized Edition, the look is enhanced but not overdone. The heritage cues are well tailored for the modern body without looking tacked on. Nissan has said that the kit will be available on all trims of the Fairlady Z except the NISMO. Sadly, there’s no word on whether the kit is coming to America. If it were,  we’d almost certainly take this nose paired with a manual transmission than the automatic-only NISMO. What about you?

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  1. AZ 2 NV says:

    Unfortunately IMO Nissan again disappoints the US market. First no Nismo Z with a manual transmission option and now no Orange option for the US. One can hope someone from Nissan is listening.

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