NEWS: Mitsubishi begins taking orders for Final Edition Lancer Evo


On Friday, Mitsubishi Motors began taking orders for the Lancer Evolution Final Edition. The special edition will commemorate 23 years of the rally-ready rocket before it drifts off into the sunset. Yes, the original Evo hasn’t crossed the 25 year threshold into nostalgic status yet, but it is still with great sadness that we mark the passing of a Japanese performance icon.


Limited to 1,000 units, the Lancer Evolution Final Edition is based off of the Evo X GSR and has no major powertrain modifications except for sodium filled exhaust valves. The suspension is reworked with Bilstein shocks, Eibach springs, Brembo brakes and high performance tires.


To identify one of these on the street, look for a black chrome grille, or gloss black on its bumper bar and hood vent surrounds, all color matched to black BBS wheels. The roof panel can be ordered in either black or white, matched to one of five exterior paints. A Final Edition emblem rests on the verge trunk lid and appears on the touchscreen when it’s fired up. A serial numbered plaque on the console denotes it’s build order.


Earlier this year Mitsubishi announced that 2,000 Final Edition models will be built, though it’s unclear whether the 1,000 allocated to the Japanese market is part of that. The US will be getting its own Final Edition, but it’s unknown yet whether they will be similarly outfitted. Before taxes, the price will be ¥3,980,000 (or $33,080 at current exchange rates). To see more or order your own in Japan, keep your eye on this minisite.

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15 Responses to NEWS: Mitsubishi begins taking orders for Final Edition Lancer Evo

  1. Hashiriya86 says:

    Did they have to use the 90s Pontiac Grand Prix typeface for the “Final Edition” font?

  2. Invinciblejets says:

    That’s really sucks no more Evo

  3. tony terho says:

    I want to know if this is being brought to the us

    • Ben Hsu says:

      Yes, Mitsubishi North America has said they will also offer a Final Edition, but they didn’t say if would be the same spec as the Japanese one yet. I updated the post to reflect that info.

  4. Randy says:

    That’s a shame – always liked them.

    Actually, I REALLY like the styling of the whole model.

    I see people saying that it’s dated. Okay, so it hasn’t changed in quite a few years (2007), but I think it’s a good looking car. Better looking than the previous design, and that rounded, angled-back front end. Nothing wrong that I can see in the interior, either. I also liked the overall wagon design better than the Sube for wagon purposes. It had a vertical back end, which made it more useful for wagon duties; not just for the mountain bike.

    Maybe they shouldn’t have gone after Sube on IT’S terms (Rally car), but market it as a high-performance touring car.

    Of course, and I’ve said this about I-don’t-know-how-many AWD/4WD vehicles: Stick shift. Where is it? The technology is certainly there to do it.

  5. Mark Bautista says:

    Is the Final Edition going to be available in Canada?

  6. Miguel Martinez says:

    Si, en español.

    De pequeño lo conocí en gran turismo de Sony, en mi pais solo lo vi UNA VEZ y fue suficiente para admirarlo por dos horas, simepre quise tener uno, pero en Colombia esa máquina no se consigue fácilmente .

    Me duele por que aunque deseé tener uno con todas las fuerzas de mi corazon, nunca completé el dinero para la importación. Sin embargo compré un premio de consolación, un camion FUSO CANTER FE 85 con la esperanza de ganar más dinero y así hacerme al mio.
    Ahora venden solo 1000 unidades, y de nuevo en Colombia es aun más costoso importarlo. De nuevo no me alcanza.

    Desde hacd 15 años quise tener uno., desde que era niño. =(.

    Larga a vida al LANCER EVO.
    Y aqulellos afortunados.

    Acelérenlo a fondo por mi al menos una vez.

  7. Iwakuni91 says:

    Wow. Just wow. I still cannot believe how eager this company is to throw away it’s heritage. The final edition and how do we commemorate it? Car badges!

  8. Adam Campbell says:

    The Evo is coming to an end and a bunch of people who were never ever going to buy one are in an uproar. The Evo owners are throwing a fit that MMC is getting rid of a car they hated on when it came out and nobody can understand why they are dropping the car from the lineup. What it boils down to is that Mitsubishi has almost ALWAYS given some kind of awesome sports car to us, consider it a gift to us from MMC for buying their standard models. What happens when you receive a gift and are displeased with it? What if you voice that opinion loud enough for the world to hear?
    I know the Lancer Evolution is not a free car so why compare it to a gift? because it is, they’re not paying all the bills on Evo sales. We didn’t like the gift so they took it away, all the “we don’t like this new engine” “the car’s too bulky” “they went away from what the car is all about” and not to mention the people not buying the cars meant it is time to hang it up and move on. It’s not the end for the Lancer Evolution it’s just the end of consumers being able to buy it, i’m sure there will be a race ready Lancer for those who intend on doing exactly that. As far as racing heritage goes I think we’re safe because they still have race vehicles being made and out in the racing circuits (Check out the Triton RS).

    All in all i hope MMC quits catering to all the ungrateful car guys and gets back into the truck market instead. As a Mitsu truck guy i’ve watched over the years as we’ve gotten the basic truck line here and there while the car guys got awesome stuff, then they took trucks from us completely here in the US to focus on cars that sold poorly (thanks Endeavor). That is the injustice, the fact that the car guys got the Galant GT and Lancer Celeste GT in the 70’s, the Starion in the 80’s, the 3000GT, Eclipse, and the Galant VR-4 in the 90’s AND the Lancer Evolution in the 00’s and 10’s is a miracle . I’d punch a baby in the face for a Pajero Evolution or a Triton RS, I’d do much less mean things just for a new standard model L200 or Challenger (Mighty Max and Montero Sport respectively)

    *note: None of the above rant is directed to anyone here on JNC, just sayin’

  9. Rayson says:

    To be honest, the Evo is pretty much dead since the Evo X. I was a huge Lancer Evolution fan up until the Evo X. The Evo X has pretty much lost it competitiveness to STi in term of price / package. I test drove both of the car (Evo X VS 08 STi) before and i got to say, STi is just simply a better car to drive. The Subaru dealer experience was also a much more pleasure experiences compared Mitsubishi (Been to at least 3 different Mitsubishi dealers, and all of them were painful experiences to me).

  10. Dave Yuan says:

    Sad end to an era. This is one of the current cars that I genuinely adore.

    2 more years until the original becomes a JNC!

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