New Year Meeting 2011 Preview

We’ve got hundreds of photos from the 2011 New Year Meeting streaming through cyberspace as you read this. For now, here’s a quick preview of the biggest nostalgic car show of the year. Here’s the Gateway to drooltown.

Mitsubishi Galant GTOs ahoy!

A pair of fresh Cherries, Nissan style.

30 and 31-series Nissan Cedrics.

The Toyota Publica club.

A bevy of Nissan Silvia CSP311s from the SP/SR Owners’ Club.

[Photos by Jason Kusagaya]

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5 Responses to New Year Meeting 2011 Preview

  1. Nigel says:

    Excellent, can’t wait !!

  2. LloyD says:

    mooooore please !

  3. matt says:

    gto yakuza says ben you should know better: “mitsubishi gto” refers to the 3000gt

  4. Tyler says:

    More of everything please! Especially the X-1 and Publica!

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